Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Innocent, Unloved, Poorly Represented Virus

The imbalance within your physical body causes the innate virus to come into existence, if ‘existence’ may be used for a soul-less creation that something from Source creates instead of Source Itself.  You are not a victim with a disease.  You are a body experiencing dis-easement while all the cells of your body struggle to re-establish balance. 

We torture animals in labs and also cause further stress to their cells by injecting them with a variety of biowarfare.  The end result is to take these distressed tissues from these animals and mix them in vials with other vile ingredients intending them to be injected into humans, especially targeted “undesirable” humans.  The humans that these animal-viral infested scientific experiments appeal to the most are the aspect of every society that loves to play the part of helpless victim.  Also, as a bonus, these animal-viral infested scientific experiments appeal to the group of modern society that gets its information about health and well-being from the white-coated gods who are financially supported by Big Pharma in a medical establishment supported by Big Pharma, and by the media, which is also supported by Big Pharma.  These, ironically, are the groups of humans who find all viruses guilty as charge without a trial and never look to themselves for the situation in which they find themselves.  Is this you I am describing?

Instead of intercepting the communication from your body that is screaming for certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, supportive microbiome lifeforms, and instead of stopping exposure to EMF radiation, electricity, heavy metals, sugar, millimeter waves, nanoparticulates, fluoride, and chloride, do you blame your physical woes on a viral enemy that must have come from outside yourself and there was nothing you could have done about it?  Instead of exercising, eating foods with life force, drinking vibrant water, speaking truth, taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions, are you sitting on the couch in front of the television or computer stuffing your face with junk food and using coffee to swallow the drugs the white-coated god gave you, all the while embracing a diagnosis as a badge of honor?

Listen, if you want to trust Germ Theory that tells you that you are a helpless victim and can be done-in by a virus in the air, y’all need to be informed about something.  You are following non-human’s and AI’s dogma.  They are the ones that belittle humans.  They are counting on you reacting as stupid as they think you are so they can really go to town on you and snatch your soul after they turn your body to dust with a little something outside of you.  Hmm.  It aint a virus, but it sure sounds like the millimeter waves they intend for you!
People defecate to rid their system of waste.  A cell also has a byproduct when it is under distress.  Its byproduct is what we would call an RNA virus.  We’re so awesome that we can build up stress over generations called miasms and collectively, we can all try to heal the cells together.  We don’t know where that kind of signal comes from, but our cells respond and bam, we have what the non-humans want you to notice as an epidemic.

I will tell you something.  You may find the answers that are important by supporting your health in deed and thought, and by connecting with the Light within you. This doesn’t happen with going out and purchasing a chocolate bunny with a mask in support of the hysteria of our time, it starts with acknowledging how amazing you are when you choose to accept the responsibility for where you are right now. 

Is it a virus that you inhaled or had injected into yourself?  Is it a virus you inhaled or one that came from your own cells in an attempt to right itself?  Y’all need to figure it out or continue being a helpless victim pawn on their game board, which is what they want.

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