Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Lock Down: Time to Access

"Time to reassess.
We know that the criminals-that-believe-they-be have some sort of an agenda that will cause a win for them and a loss for us.
We know that humans need to interact for emotional through to physical reasons. For instance, the swapping of bacteria that we do is very important for our physical health. And we know that they want to have us in isolation, which will adversely affect our emotional through physical health... not to mention those who will be harmed by not going out in the sunshine, or by staying on the internet non-stop or in front of the TV nonstop.
We know that when we are locked in our homes, we are not seeing what's going on out there. I can't help but think of those people who were locked into their church and burned alive during the American Revolution. All I know is that these "people" have never done anything for our health or for our good. They have always done everything that would be a win for them no matter that it was a loss for us. So are they adding more 5G antennas or something like that, because right now the few that I've seen scattered around town would only harm people right there? Those 5G antennas can't hurt somebody three blocks down. I've wondered all along about them digging up the roads. I'm wondering what they're putting in there. They've had to do an awful lot of work with us in the way lately.
Is it possible that they did put the coronavirus that was patented into adrenochrome, which is a black-market product that people used to stay young. If this was done, was it so that they could kill off that whole market who didn't know that the coronavirus patent was in that batch? Certainly, anyone who they want to live, they would tell them about it. I'm not saying that the coronavirus patent that they came up with would kill, but I am saying that it could be a marker to be used so that a person could be executed for their crimes against children. If they are doing this, I would think that it would be the reptilians manipulating it. They're into all that kind of stuff! Is this another round of killing off people that they like, of killing off people that they use as puppets as a sacrifice to their Satan before a great big kill that they're about to do perhaps on April 19th or 20th?
As much as I would love to believe the fairy tale that some savior is removing all of those nasty people who harm children and it's going to implement a nice "sunshiny day," it doesn't seem realistic when I know how involved the reptilians are on 3D Earth.
So, I guess we're back to why are we being locked in our homes and is there a great big kill that is about to happen?
With the Light that I have grounded, I feel that right now, something amazing is happening. There is this powerful Love vibe that is radiating down to us...All we have to do is receive it and experience it.
I think we need to put down our fear and say it is time that the experience on 3D is win win for all. It's time for us to put down our cell phones and not be manipulated anymore. It's time for us to turn off the television shows. It's time for us to experience community with one another and with Nature.
It's time to stop fearing germs and each other, and it's time to stop blindly trusting the officials who undermine our health with every single signature they put on a piece of paper!
It is time to go and anchor the Light, hwa!"

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