Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Paget Anne Posts

["I Haven't seen much of news, but even on fb & YouTube, I have seen no people documenting their downfall to CV.
Have any of you?
Even crisis actors? Nothing? Something?
I still don't even know anyone who is sick."
Paget Anne of Essendon]

["So here we are looking at all those who have been vaccinated, which is another way of saying injected with viruses and other distressful matter to their cells.
Ah, they will finally understand when they fall ill!
We watch their systems being overwhelmed and their cells being in distress and their cells starting to exude their own little viruses all in an attempt to try and bring balance to their bodies.
Ah, now they'll see. Now they'll admit that injecting gunk and viruses isn't the best road to health!
And what do you know. These same people who welcome viruses from across species to be injected into their bodies scream for friends to keep their distance!
Now when some of them are sick and some are even testing positive for the coronavirus... if the test is even accurate...we don't get to be vindicated. They think that a virus is an alive little being that came from outside in the air!
And worse...
They scream for a vaccine to save them!"
-Paget Anne of Essendon]

["What? Anti-vaxxers will beg for a CV. vaccine?
I would straight out say, 'Viruses come from the vaccines from animal byproducts being worked on in labs. Our cells release viruses when they're in distress but there is such a thing as biowarfare that we're calling viruses. A virus, like what they're telling everyone is going on now, is not alive, so therefore it can't live for nine days on a surface unless It's a bot that has been programmed to do so!
People who have studied vaccines have also studied health. We know that our internal terrain, which is made up by the food and drink choices, the choices of thoughts and words that we speak and think, whether we exercise our body or not, whether we have fasts or not, and the healing modalities we choose are for life. They don't injure our liver, our kidneys, our brain, our gut flora, such as Western Medicine's drugs do.
We will not receive a vaccine. None of them have been proven safe, effective, or necessary!
We don't know what this world government is up to with the so-called virus. We do know that a vaccine is not the answer. In fact, they may want you to take this vaccine because of the viruses and what have you that are in them, and then they can turn on 5G and maybe it's going to be an ugly mix!
If you think we would take any vaccine, you are not paying attention!"]
Paget Anne of Essendon]

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