Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Arrogance Is As a Wall


It amazes me to hear the reactionaries, the masses, scream about how human lives matter when they ignore two basic premises: “Do un to others,” etc and they visit practitioners who ignore “First, do no harm.”

If you want kindness, community, love, and peace to come back to you, you have to put the same out there.  If you refuse to place yourself in this frequency, then it cannot find you.  It starts with communication.  Here’s an example.  My neighbors hired tree cutters to come and remove two beautiful pine trees that gave me joy every day.  When a reason was sought, the answer was that the trees were messy, so they had to go.  Why are humans so narrow-minded and is this narrowness of thought the reason for their lack of love, community, etc? 

“But what could your neighbor have done?” you may ask.  How about starting with communication?  Connect with the tree and with the Nature People (Spirits) who work with the tree.  Explain your dilemma.  Next, offer solutions.  Then, ask for their solutions.  See where it goes from there.  Perhaps there is something that the trees need or want you to stop doing.  Strike a bargain.  Compromise.  Work it out.  From their point of view, they may say, “How dare you not see me as an equal creation of God!  How dare you chant that your life matters and tear me down as if I am nothing!”  Maybe you have been programmed that you are the best lifeform in the Omniverse.  Well, I am here to tell you that you are only one lifestream out of many.  Stop bullying.  Be Still.  Listen and the world will open up for you. Arrogance is as a wall. Tear it down now. If you put out the community vibe, it shall come back to you.  Think of all those lifestreams around you who may choose to offer you protection in thanks for you protecting them.  In tearing down the wall between you and Nature, you shall be the change you have been waiting to see.

Do not chant that your life matters and then turn it over to a practitioner that wants to inject poisons into your bloodstream and have a customer for life.  Research and find a practitioner who will truly care for you and support you.  Exercise, quench hydration, research color healing and many other modalities that empower you to be the best you you can be.  Defending Western Medicine as the best medicine and only one of value is not only arrogance, it’s ignorance.  Research its inception.  Arrogantly defending its practices is as a wall blocking you from true health.  Listen to your body.  Tear down the wall of programming that you’ve endured your whole life.  Prove that your life matters.  Take charge of it. Become the change you are ready to see.


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