Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Imposter Ray


[Dear Loved One Who Allowed Two Shots:

This time, they weren't just coming for your physical body. They are now set to use what I call the imposter ray to distract you from your Monadic Ray. When you die, think twice about heading for that light. Be still and feel. They will distract you...and specifically, right now, I'm referring to AI...with "loved ones" and other "candy" to get you stuck in the reincarnational cycle, or Matrix.

It will be more challenging for you now, but if you can take a moment for proper response over blindly reacting (as you did to get the shots in the first place), there is still some hope for you.

Bright Day Thoughts,


Paget Anne of Essendon

PS. Now, go. Anchor the Light. Hwa!]

For more on the imposter ray, please read my book.

7/4/21 added...the spark she discusses is the Imposter Ray.

7/23/21 added


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