Saturday, February 13, 2021

The "Two Minutes Past Midnight" Hour

[I was informed last night by one of the last real men alive...He does not wear a mask...that in Sprouts, the cashier informed him that if he did not put on a mask, she would be fined.

If that is true, she should bloody-welll sue Sprouts because that kind of behavior is beyond unacceptable.

But, this is complete coercion. If I am a customer, it is not my responsibility whether you get fined or not. I do not participate in Satanic rituals of initiation. Perhaps your religion allows you to, but my spirituality does not.  #1: I am educated in both Virus and Germ Theory (and I have tried to warn many for years, though there is so much I left out because, you know, y'all need receptors in order to be able to receive it and I didn't want to overwhelm you), and #2: I am not into a bunch of Satanic human and non-human"legislators" dictating to me that I have to put a diaper on my face or this young lady is going to get a fine. Talk about the social credit system!

AI wants you to do this and to do that or you will lose credits. Keep that mask on your face, this is where you are heading.

We were in the Midnight Hour. I used to be able to say this is the moment. But right now it is two minutes past midnight. For some of you, I am really concerned that it is too late.]

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