Sunday, February 28, 2021

Indigenous Physicalish Spiritoids


In my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied1, I mention physicalish spiritoids.  They are a gene-less version of a spirit who has downshifted to be more 3D-like.  They differ from Genetic humans, namely us, because they lack genes.  In my opinion, they preceded the puppeteer tweaked Genetic human the first time round. (When the puppeteers start us over, they start at a later time than this.)  The first physical beings here were us, normal everyday spirits playing with denseness.  Physicalish spiritoids were the original 3Dish beings known as the indigenous. We had no genes, innate implants that pass down through the generations as revealed in my book, that came to us for control of us as the successive human’s injected technology is coming to them through the c shot, for one.

It was Max Igan recently who expressed that he did not like the word indigenous2 because of “no genealogy” and I think he interpreted it as “the They” were calling those who came first as less than human, which certainly could be their intention since they love defining everything backwards.  Well, Max’s words made me spin for a second.  I knew physicalish spiritoids came first, but I had never thought of documentation of the event such as through that word.  In my medical terminology book from long ago, “in” has three definitions for the words in which it is used.  They are “in, not, into.”3 Most define "in" as meaning within, so genes within, but I agree with Max.  They meant no genes!

Authentic, originals to Earth mingled with the Genetic humans as they still do today.  (We will be mingling with the successive humans and will support them as physicalish spiritoids have always supported us.)  The groups with genes that we know of as indigenous to an area could have had high percentages of physicalish spiritoids amongst them that were respected.  Many teachings could have come from this aspect of their group. The puppeteers would have sought these groups for destruction because Truth must be stopped in order for success of control.

Successive humans and the “Wag the Dog psy-ops” (plandemic fraud 2020 and B*den fraud 2021) could never have happened if humans had embraced the memories held within their physical spiritoid Selves.  The puppeteers have left more than enough evidence for us to find it and to understand.


1 Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.

2 The Crowhouse (8:43). Denby Does Dharma.

3 Smith Davis Dennerll. Medical Terminology A Programmed Text. New York: Delmar, 1995, p 348.

 I mentioned the indigenous physicalish spiritoids in part 2 of the following interview.

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