Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Bloodywell Get Going!


You know, nothing has changed from the times of steamship travel where the “steerage” had to go through medical upon arrival, but not the rich.   They have known all along that there is no natural germ that may be transmitted; therefore, it is fine for a certain group to pass untested.  Well, it is the same now.  There is no natural, contagious pathogen that is allowing the criminals-that-believe-they-be to convince you to wear a mask, have a PCR process as if it is a test, and to force the toxine on you.  Yes, there are transmissible lab-made weapons of all varieties, but the agents of the government would never “test” you for that.  (They would get caught then.)  This is the way to avoid all their “covid” protocol.  get yourself out of their jurisdiction.

Get educated.  Get the process started.  Bloodywell get going before you run put of time.

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