Friday, October 22, 2021

Crunch Felt Differently

In Commiefornia, the slaves wear their masks despite having had the shot to please their masters so they might take the mask off. This is because their controllers have convinced them that they have to because of those who do not wear masks and have not had the shot. That they must treat these noncompliers rudely and try to coerce them into complying so the shotted-up and masked up may get back to normal.

In Alabama, many places have closed down. From the tourist point of view, this restaurant has closed. This one had to close today due to not enough employees, so try tomorrow. Two of this chain have closed down for good and this one is all that's left. But in Alabama, many choose to breath freely with very few covering their expressions and muffling their speech.

Our history is being changed under our noses with different outer experiences of distraction. The crunch on us, the squeeze, is felt differently.

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