Saturday, October 16, 2021

Testing the Current Covid Climate of Pasadena


Two weeks ago, a friend (R) went to Pasadena and the man at the door of a café informed him that soon, the certificate of vaccination ID was coming to town.  (My way of mentioning the tyranny; not his words.)  My friend was not permitted to enter due to his bare face (scaring the hell out of people and disturbing others who follow orders and don’t wish to observe an independent thinker.)  I immediately searched and saw Pasadena’s controllers’ decision to implement the “vax card” starting on October 7.  I was motivated to come up with a plan to “storm” Pasadena as a bare faced pure blood US National.

First, I had to alert the police chief that I was coming to town by sending a copy of the affidavit that I sent to Mr. Blinken, the Secretary of State, where I informed him that I switched my status from serf to private living man.  Next, I sent out letters in the post to LA County supervisors, sending an email to my supervisor and basically CCing it to Blinken. Lastly, I also sent a letter to Attorney General Bonta informing him about what I was doing in response to what the supervisors were doing. I sent letters through the Judicial District with my signature as the stamp and with tracking.

I checked the internet and read that certificate of vaccination ID’s would be requested in certain “hospitality spaces.”  Well, that could mean a massage parlor where certain services are the focus for all I know.  So, I decided it was time for a field trip.

My friend (E) and I went to Pasadena hoping to have someone requesting the “vax card” from me so I could test my US National status.  The man at the car park had a bare face and I told him how nice it was to see a bare face.  We crossed the street and entered the café to no opposition.  We stood in the long line to no opposition with the camera on pause.

Then a lady behind the counter asked me to wear a mask.  I shook no.  She picked up the sign that says you must wear a mask and offered me two blue disposable masks.  I shook no.  She had a waitress come over with a box of masks.

Nice Waitress:  Hi! You know you’re supposed to wear a mask.  We require it.

Bare Face: Actually, I filed a paper and I have evidence on file with the Pasadena Police that I am outside that jurisdiction.  I don’t fall for any of that.  I have communicated eight times with health departments about it.  They have not admitted to having any kind of reason to wear it.

Nice Waitress: No worries (a saying made famous by Crocodile Dundee.)  I understand.  I’ll go ahead and help you outside.  It’s just because you know, they care about the mask and all.

It seemed most seating in general was outside.  It also seemed very crowded and was very noisy inside.

Whereas all the other customers had to wait in a long line and then give their order and then pay and then take a number and then look for a seat, my friend and I were escorted to a nice table and the nice waitress went and fetched to-go menus for us.  She took our order and took payment and returned with a number so the bloke bringing our order could find us.  It was pleasant outside and there were nice neighbors at the table nearest to us.  Whereas the others could only remove their face-coverings at the tables, my friend and I had a breathable experience the whole time. 

I have been bare faced for twenty months (plus my whole life) now and this was the sweetest confrontation I have had.  (Mostly, workers ignore me, but there have been a few when they didn’t.)

This video is not startling.  We were expecting a “vax card” confrontation and were surprised.  But if you are interested, here’s the experience.

My friend and I walked around town having two lengthy conversations with workers at different establishments.  It seems aggression to bare faces may have stopped due to some violent interactions discussed on the news, but we may not be privy to what really gets the controllers to do this or that.  Most pedestrians had covered faces.  (I think I saw one small child, one teen, and a man navigating a bike on the sidewalk with bare faces.)  Not one single place mentioned a “vax card” anywhere.  For now, it appears smoke and mirrors, but we will go out again with pure blood in two weeks and see what line we can cross…the certificate of vaccination ID line , that is. 


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