Thursday, October 26, 2023

Terror Cells


Let’s be clear, so-called terror cells have already been in all countries that allow traffic of foreigners into their lands. Just look at Telafon from 1977ish. They informed you. Many papers and videos have been published that reveal how psychotropic drugs have been involved with many “school shooting” and other events, especially involving soldiers. Drugs are part of this scheme.

Frequency is another. Recall all the cars zooming into crowds with a “driver” who was confused. Also, people taking their clothes off or urinating in public. Then there are entities that take over a Genetic human body. I mention in my book how I experienced my foot being taken over. If you don’t recognize a take-over, they will do more. Then there’s whatever they inject into people. Nano-bots (that are controlled by who or what) are inside Genetic humans. A variety of artificial intelligence is within them. (Sometimes, I think something in opposition to what I’m doing , as I mention in my book, because AI is there in us. If I'm typing 1, 2, 3, I will think 8, 7, 6, for example.) Cell phones are given to the homeless and illegals because they can control them and tract them. They know where we are no matter if we are legally or illegally on the land, or homeless. No-one is “lost.”

Terror cells are not only strong young men. It depends what their goal is for whatever crime they wish to commit on humanity. It could be a grandmother who is the sweetest thing who gets controlled.

Connect with all from a pin-head of Pinky-rose from you to them, to all others out there, to tap into their pin-head of Pinky-rose. Establish a Space of Love. For thousands of years, we haven't been able to do this.

In short, don’t fear terror cells. They have always been here. Learn to be aware and know defense. Since The Matrix came out, I have warned people that those who take psychotropic drugs may be as the homeless guy. An “Agent” can jump in and control them. The mother or son or friend is no longer in control. If I know someone is on these drugs, they may not stay the night in my home because they may become a weapon. (Whereas, I don’t fear the 4-6 c*vid $hotted up human. They may stay, but I do state a warning to the controllers of the nanotech within them and the makers of the $hot on another level.)



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