Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Playing Field Spelled Out


Western Medicine is a huge part of the “landscape” of our lives. Let’s understand that there are mostly commercialized scientists controlled by monies that come directly from Big Pharma that do research (in universities especially) that controls public opinion and establishes the norms. Then, there are freelance scientists truly seeking truth about the functioning of the body and relationships of vitamins, minerals, hydrogen, oxygen, water, and other necessary elements and substances to the body. These freelance scientists also study manmade products such as EMF’s GMO’s, aspartame, and so on in relation to the body. Freelance scientists are not usually funded as commercialized scientists are. They are not made heroes in medical publications as are the commercialized scientists. They are in fact vilified, marginalized, arrested, and especially since 2000 (though it certainly has been going on for at least a century), murdered.

When we look at the “virus” and “acquired immunity,” many average folks don’t realize that even within both the commercialized and freelance scientific communities there is disagreement. Just in examining one idea, you may have one camp that states a virus is non-living, yet may be used in a “live” virus va((ine and is contagious. This “virus” has never been isolated from a living (nor expired) being. Another scientist may say that it is an exosome, or some other matter from natural processes for our cells within us in response to something, and this matter is not contagious. Regardless of which side is stating these ideas, the average folks only have the first idea flashing before them in TV shows, movies, commercials, at schools and colleges, in doctors’ offices and in “peer reviewed” papers. (Also, social media platforms usually delete or ban posts in opposition to the first idea.)

Let’s look at acquired immunity. Members from each side may look at the idea of someone experiencing something and then being immune from it occurring again for whatever reason. The natural contagious virus attack group see that a person’s body fought this beast and finally won and now knows how to defeat it at the first sign so will never lose to this opponent again. (That’s a simple lay-man’s way to explain it. You are welcome to search the many papers from this camp for tedious explanations.) Then, there’s the other camp who say that this matter being called virus is from natural processes in response to toxicity or imbalanced lifestyles and the like. There may be some sort of internal alarm clock clanging that it is time to take care of gestational heat that has now become pathogenic because it has not been released, yet, or for some other reason. For as many free-thinking scientists out there who are seeking to understand the “virus,” there are ideas on acquired immunity. Perhaps the pathogenic Qi is gone, and the body has learned how to remain in a state of Sound of Self and will not need to experience dis-easement of this variety again. This may be labelled acquired immunity. Perhaps this “virus” is left after certain battles that usually only occur once in a body’s lifetime and that’s that. The truth is, if we could take Big Pharma’s funding out of colleges and allow true research with no agendas, we would find the truth. But Big Pharma needs you as a customer for life, so you need to fear the “virus” and not worry about any other “acquired” immunity than what they say they can offer through a $hot or a pill. Just know that the science isn’t settled!

Let’s look at these ideas through German Measles (Rubella). You are informed it’s contagious. Perhaps because you are a programmable Genetic human, you “caught” it when you were near someone who experienced it. You feared it so much and said, “I knew this would happen!” I grew up knowing it wasn’t contagious so was able to quietly sit with another thought about it. Here’s what happened.

My mom didn’t experience German Measles until I was five years old. Yet, she had travelled the world as an Open tennis player, taught in colleges, and cared for two children sick with it once and one who was sick with it twice prior to that experience. Whatever this dis-easement is, I suspect huge dread and fear and frustration at not being understood set it off internally for me when I was six months old. I had to spend the whole day with my paternal grandmother who resented that my mother and father brought me into the world before my older sister was five years old. It just wasn’t fair to her. And here my older sister was only nineteen months old at this time. My grandmother did all she could to caudal and love on my sister to make up for having to share her parents with another. The rough handling and neglect was one thing, but she didn’t protect me from my grandfather. Now, I know me very well. I would’ve been thought-screaming to my mother to not leave me with that woman. Almost immediately at being returned to my mother, I was sick. Our local doctor diagnosed it as German Measles. “She’ll get it again,” said he, “as she’s too young for immunity.” So clearly, he was of the she “caught” something (that her sister or mother didn’t catch) variety of doctor instead of looking at why this little body went into imbalance, but please notice something. He said my immune system was too young. Nowadays, whores of Big Pharma inject pharmaceuticals known as va((ines into babies two hours old and many, many more by six months old. If a so-called natural contagious virus could be “caught” by me again because of an immature “immune system,” how can you think taking your baby for $hots is nothing more than training you to take them to doctors for $hots?

Later, my brother, sister, and I experienced German Measles. All I know is I was two and a half. We may have all experienced it together. By three, I was quite the talker and abuse from both grandparents lessened into something I could handle and simply have fall off my shoulders, for the most part. This may be why I never “got” it again, or it may be that the natural process that this dis-easement served changed.

Average folks could try clamoring for freelance science to be the only science so we may have the Truth. Big Pharma and political agendas have no place in science. Commercialized science is control of you. Why is that acceptable? Why do you allow them to have computer generated scenarios or a say in how mask-wearing in humans affects them, for example, become the norm? Realize how you are being programmed. Look into freelance scientific papers. The amusing thing is, there is a shift right now, and slowly some freelance Truths are pushing their way into social media and are being noticed even by commercialized scientists.


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