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On Lee Merritt Again


Dr. Lee Merritt, MD and my thoughts as I listened.



My thoughts may be boring to you, so I shall make more interesting points easy to see. I do not dislike Lee. I simply support you in listening with feelers open if you feel you must listen.


As for the anti-vax movement that the agents of the government prepared for in 2002, it was because of people like me. I was not on the internet yet, but I had been on the ground speaking out about va((ines since 1987. I was not alone, though I knew no-one like me.


The Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human faction is behind everything that goes against the flow of Nature (evil). Nice of Lee to inform you of that.


This time, she called the clot & bot $hot the va((ine.


Yes, it is nice of her to inform you that people are tortured and made a certain way and become doctors and are placed in certain positions and in certain meetings…ten years in the military, giving them easy access to someone.


Though I do not accept that Buttar’s death was natural, whether he knew it or not (and most do not know), overall, he was their puppet, in my opinion.

This is the first I’ve heard about beheading babies. I don’t watch the news. You know the news is a story! Don’t bring it into your consciousness.


Yes, in the 90’s, my medical class and medical teachers would try to shoot me down when I freely spoke out against va((ines.


Yes, you could look at it like colleges, Big Pharma, and The Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human faction are in bed with each other. So-called important publishing companies would be too…Movies, etc.


She is disclosing when she says names: corporations and humans, such as Robert Maxwell. (The opponent to the MultiSelf gets off on one “finking” on its pawns. One thing it accomplishes is Astrally tugging man into emotions, which knocks man out of alignment with the Sound of Self. Astral=Emotional level.)


I’ve had Power & Force for a long time. Haven’t read it, yet. True about shame. It’s definitely one pay-off to sexual abuse.


Now, this is interesting. I’ve wondered if Rashid, Brian Ardis, and Lee had the same handler. (See links below. And please understand, I think they are controlled below awareness. They could be true warriors who have an Implant and get taken over to say something the handler wants said. Side note here: I had an intelligent friend who lived on a military base while she was married. I felt they got to her at that time…Working with her without her knowledge. She divorced and went onto receive two PhDs in microbiology-related subjects. She would lose time. “The funniest thing. I went to go shopping. It’s hours later and there’s my groceries, but I can’t remember going.” In my opinion, they had her working on biowarfare. Here’s how you may know someone else did the shopping for you. When you shop, might there be an impulse item totally not within your personality or usual likes that you might grab? Every time you shop, do you ONLY get what’s on your list? Genetic humans are already Implanted. But sleep in certain hotels and military bases and a few other sites, and easy access to you is gained…without you remembering.)


Marc P is one I looked into around 2016ish. Yes, he may be free. BUT how the opponent to the MultiSelf works is to gain your trust of the messenger so you’ll accept the information. I suspect he still is one of them, but they need you to trust him. They can disclose information because Free Will is Universal Law. They also can convince you to believe something or simply know it so. You may be Astrally tugged into whatever emotion they want at that time. Evil is simply going against the flow of Nature. I recommend surrounding yourself with the flow.


There are MANY towns all over the world full of Satanists. Draco Reps are the ones who introduced eating babies, rape of babies, animals, children, etc. Blood may open portals. Torture occurs all over the world. Kids are taken from school, home, and anywhere. This is why your gut radar and higher intuition needs to be on High. Just because someone speaks and looks pretty does not mean a thing. Look at the eyes. I see darkness shift when it sees me.


As for “Joe Biden” being from a Satanist’s town implying torture has happened to him...Hello. Most politicians and their children have handlers. Most famous singers, actors, authors, famous anything…have been tortured and have a handler. It’s why I can look at that female Maxwell who everyone is unkind to and see a tortured baby, girl, young lady, and woman…It doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it makes sense. They are truly split. They may be forced to promote something nefarious, to entertain a public figure for information or to have pictures and film to be later used for blackmail, etc. It is not simply this town. It’s VERY prevalent. Young kids are stolen and “split” every day. They are used to set their friends up to be stolen. (And whatever the original Joe Biden was, it is plain that now it is simply a name pretending to be the boss of a corporation.) Notice the reaction when R hears “Joe Biden.” That is an example of being Astrally tugged.


Yes, mind control abuse continues in families. I had a friend who was so tortured by her mother, that as a less than two-year-old, she would thump her head into her crib bar because that was hurt that she could control. That was hurt that she could stop when she decided to stop it. I had figured out that she was a mind control slave and was ready to help her if she wanted my help and she left my life.


(34:33) I don’t know names like what she said. I do realize the power with names and won’t repeat it here. It all goes back to the Puppeteers eventually. But please know it’s an old script to murder brutally. Just look at Chivington or any puppet in the clutches of evil on the American lands from the beginning of arrivals here. And also, know that there were four Pawnee (Wolf People) groups. One of them sacrificed a young virgin from another tribe when certain signs were in the skies. Any race may be a slave to Draco and company.


Wait. Did she just say, “I don’t believe the mRNA and how it’s being used to poison us and stuff”??? Well, before she saw it as experimental genetic agents. It’s ok to change POV. I have not changed with what I have been saying. I have consistently warned that some lot numbers may choose to have ingredients to alter your DNA/genes. It is disclosed on the va((ine insert at 13.1. They have a guy come out and say he just invented this tech to start people knowing about what they’re doing (as if they weren’t doing it before). Sallie Elkordy and I talked about this on her radio show in September 2018. We stumbled over it together. Discovering this aspect right there on the air. Here. Does this link work for you? It doesn’t for me.


Yes, Clint Richardson, I think, was one who did extensive revealing on the subject of Presidents and genes-relations.


K26R bloodline. This could be one of the many reasons to make the PKU test of a newborn mandatory to slaves who comply. They get the blood drop, use the PCR to spin and make more of it, and one thing they can do is figure out who/what this kid is. They do seek to “test” everybody.


People with a certain blood are “Less susceptible to this thing they put out called c*vid,” said Lee. C*vid is a psychological operation. I am certain blood is tested to find what may harm a demographic. Then, they may place that in vials, food supply, dump with chem trails, place in water, etc. over that area. Targeting in this manner has been going on for at least two hundred years. (Yes, I suspect they knew and implemented a lot of the same back then. It is possible some of their biowarfare was more basic at times.) Lee is imparting the idea that there is a thing and it’s called c*vid and it won’t hurt these SOBs. There have always been things used in attacks that may or may not hurt them. For instance, aspartame. They keep up with the name changes. They know it’s a weapon. They avoid it. Genetic engineering in junk “foods” to alter the one ingesting it. They avoid those products. But Lee has set up that there’s a thing that can get you because you’re not special. The Astral tug is anger and fear. This feels like one of the reasons for the interview.


On propaganda about a blood nose when around a c $hotted up person…Your frequency decides if you will succumb to the attack or not. Astral tugging is “This, this, this, and this IS GOING to happen IF…” They practiced “shedding” and transmission for decades. Just look at the ICU of the past. The sign said, “Don’t enter if you’ve had any from this list of $hots within the last six months.” A virus is not alive so how can that list include live viruses? They were practicing transmission. Look at the $hots given to cats. They are practicing transmission to non-vaxxed animals and even to humans. This c $hot does have artificial intelligence and nanobots within it. And I would even go as far as to say that some kind of tracking device or AI was placed in the new Hep B $hot of 2017 because they finally trained most moms and dads to allow their newborns to receive this $hot. (And btw, the insert when it first came out clearly said to not give to one under two years-of age!!!) Yes, I do not doubt that each c $hot was targeting a demographic just as all $hots always have, and there may be a thing that a bloodline is less susceptible to. But know that they have Brown’s gas, Medbeds, and all sorts of tech that they wouldn’t be concerned about any of the attacks. Also, some opponents are a little different than the Genetic human.


On the Avatar idea. Basically, we are a MultiSelf who allowed Implants which is the physical body as we know it. We could naturally downshift to be sort of physical, but this was something beyond what Source accomplished. This Genetic human body—though it has a MultiSelf working through it and with it and our Source aspect in our tailbone—has Implants. This Genetic human body is like the Avatar representation of the MultiSelf.


All slaves are truth seekers, even if it’s only a dream at night.


I haven’t seen Truman but recommend Wag the Dog.


Yes, from the time we were young, authentic was put down and fake was promoted. I am grateful that I knew raw milk drinking vegetarians who had alternate thoughts compared to the masses. They were interesting if nothing else. (And healthy and strong, when propaganda said that if they didn’t pasteurize their milk, they would die.)


The bottom line is that no natural contagious virus exists to be isolated. That’s why no test would ever be able to find it!


Her experiments showed that homo sapiens were the “virus” rather than a “virus.” This is because we have a byproduct after a cell seeks balance. It is a history of what that cell experienced. It is not contagious. It is labeled “virus” by the Trust the Science scientists. (Much of this byproduct from animals is what is harvested after an animal is sad, tortured, etc. and they tweak that to make weapons placed in $hots.) They are using a tool to “test” for our own genome. True. Like they say in the Matrix, we are the virus. They kind of disclosed how the PCR was used to support the whole HIV scare and would be used for the future c*vid scare. People just learning about the PCR fraud would be Astrally tugged, but this part was awesome!!! It reminded me of Amanda Vollmer’s work.


Know that our beneficial bacteria have been attacked by GMOs and so their functions have been compromised.

I will tell you what they don’t want you to realize. That Pinky-rose love is the way. It’s that simple. As long as you hate, fear, lust-after, covet, rage-over, etc., you are NOT establishing a Space of Love. If you are not holding a Space of Love, you are accepting “other.” Those not comfortable in a Space of Love will not be around you if that’s what you’re sending. For, as far back as I can see, the majority of humans here have established a space of other consistently.


Germ Theory was established so Western Medicine could be what it is today so they could make psy-ops occur and harm people with Western Medicine. But the word theory is already signaling that it is not accepted truth. Those of a frequency may see that. A psy-op such as Germ Theory cannot be a Truth. Pinky-rose love is Truth. It’s from Source. It Is. It’s not a made-up script or a subliminal message such as Germ Theory.


Even parasites, whether tweaked in labs transmitted through $hots or more natural, are a communication of our dis-easement. When a plant is healthy, parasites are not there. When a plant is sick, they are. It is so with the Genetic human as well. Do you establish an environment for microzymases to turn into pathogenic bacteria, for example, or do you stand in alignment with the Sound of Self and know ease? Terrain comes into it through our frequency. Is it attracting or repelling that which is a lower, slower vibration?


Of course, they produced their c $hots long ago. First, you get ready. Then, you make a thing happen. Lastly, you bring out the solution. Lee clearly doesn’t know about “mutagenic” properties warned about in past va((ine inserts. She’s too focused on thinking that tweaking DNA is a new thing. It is not.  


No matter whether they place(d) mRNA in any c $hots or not (and yes, they probably did for hype), mutagenic wizardry was still in $hots where they decided to place it and for decades. The opponent to the MultiSelf can generate any kind of currency it wants. Cost doesn’t factor in. This is a long-standing game/script. Some have paid for what they want in babies as canned food. Others in sex slaves. Others in education protocols implemented. The list goes on. Think beyond the so-called dollar. (Also recall that mind-controlled labor doesn’t know it is being used so it is free. Recall Eyes Wide Shut. The character thought she was asleep but was being used elsewhere.)


True. Those who know about EMFs, cell phones, $hots, etc. will be portrayed as crazy by those wanting these products accepted. And that group control the presstitutes and so-called public education.


Many freelance scientists have revealed the truth about water and how it’s programmable. (We are water and programmable.)


There’s a lot of discussion over what the “Immune system” is, but yes, if you are not of a high enough frequency to rise above their base frequency attack, you may be susceptible. Chances are, if they call it “green,” sustainable tech, say no.

As for toxins, and beyond the junk we inhale, ingest, and absorb, recall the byproduct left over after a cell seeks balance. If all the cells in your body are consistently making this byproduct, it would have to be called a toxin. If you’re never listening and constantly not in alignment with the Sound of Self, you will get over-loaded with this history of how you lived your life.


Sometimes it’s disclosure. Other times, it’s propaganda to make fear. No matter what frequencies they turned on to harm humans, they lied about a boogey-man virus. Yes, frequency and LED emissions travel through the air, but it’s not natural and contagious like they were selling.


I would guess for decades $hots have included ingredients so they can add a frequency and make things happen. Look at the many single incidents where someone suddenly took off their clothes in a public fountain or urinated in a public place, and police that went psycho on someone. There were so many examples of bizarre behavior for a while. And this tech was not simply used to play with individuals. They controlled operators on conveyances to slam into crowds. This was not simply for testing control of a human but to start the idea of AI in cars being more acceptable than stupid, careless humans. You may post a “No trespassing” sign with a contract. The contract states what the trespasser will be entering into if they do such and such (state the trespass.) I have ideas here. individuals.html.


Definitely, be aware if you are told to do anything. They get off on “making” people do things and then adding other things to their environment. They don’t need you to have something within yourself to attack you with frequency, but it opens the field of attack wider.


They can kill with frequency or parasites, especially their nanobot kind of parasites. Don’t worry about fancy talk such as optogenetics. All genetic programs are eugenics. Just basically know that va((ines alter, harm, and kill while doing nothing supportive for health.


You know 5G and such is part of “it,” the c*vid psy-op era, because of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, Section 704 that states that health cannot be a factor in stopping communications. I stopped a tower from being erected citing abuse and won. After that, they stopped informing people and just erected what they wanted where they wanted. (But still, no tower nor antenna is in that spot where I stopped them.)


Exactly Lee!!! The weapons are in the home and in the neighborhood and at many local stores. During the c*vid psy-op era, shoppers feared me and my bare face. I had the orange, blue-light-blocking glasses on, though, because the store had LED for lightning. The humans there covered their noses and mouths simultaneously and I protected my eyes!


(1:00:20) It’s not the MultiSelf aspect of DNA that the opponent may harm. Rise above attack. Their Implants are what they are changing.


For a talk on electrons (oxygen and water), I shall leave you with this.

Yes, there is a lot to know about Earth. For that, I shall leave you this.



(1:07:00) It’s great that so many are realizing about the maps on lands and how they show “free energy” and such. (See Michelle Gibson’s VERY early work for informative videos on this subject.)


Again, Eyes Wide Shut informed you of tech that they have that we don’t. And Stanley gave his life for telling you that much. He wanted to expose more. (He is who I was talking about in my book.)


Yes, the “occult” is more powerful than their base frequencies from machines. Think Pinky-rose love. It is the most Powerful occult weapon you have, but other tricks sent with the Mind that may be nefarious may also be done. Hooks, Cords, subliminal messages, etc. All those attacks I mention in my book may be called occult attacks and they may be more successful than 5G, because nothing physical is required.


Those so-called pandemics were lab-made attacks from $hots. With or without frequency as well, they had $hots. The most important ingredient to their psy-op for the 1918 “pandemic,” too was $hots given to soldiers. SARS, MERS, HIV, so many more were made in a lab. They were as c*vid, someone informing you that you were under a natural contagion attack and y’all better have a $hot, a pill or other Western Medicine “answer” to the “problem.” Yes, 5G and other frequencies have been a nice supporting actor. For example, the ship that supposedly made people sick. (Keep in mind they diagnosed c*vid without any isolate.) Propaganda. Newspapers. Control of “scientists” and doctors. That’s what supports any “Pandemic.”


Diabetes, as you learned about it aside, there are two kinds: one that may be related to diet and not so concerning because you got yourself out of balance, so get yourself into balance. And the most prevalent kind, diabetes is an auto-immune attack that is a va((ine injury. This one is made to happen for one thing, to bring artificial intelligence into your life. Just look at how “convenient” it is to use your phone and have AI “protect” you by easily informing you of your own needs. Think AI can turn on this one and kill him or her as easily as a trusted AI driver that will slam the human into a wall or speed off a cliff? You bet. (They are leading you towards trusting and using artificial intelligence wherever they can.)


As for leukemia, always have blood tested before a va((ine. Then, in two weeks when you feel sick, test the blood again. Then, later, when it’s a diagnosis of leukemia, check out all that blood work and compare it. Frequencies or not, what $hots were injected? Take pictures before and after of the eyes and smile, too. Cranial nerves 3, 4, and 6 with show in the eyes and 5 in the mouth if the kid had a mini-stroke after the $hot(s). This va((ine injury is easy to document and trace. I have seen some kids recover only to receive another $hot and end up with eczema or such. See Andrew Mouldan’s work.


(1:14:00) Worse than that. They get their hands on your blood or DNA from another source, they may think into it, or frequency attack it, to get to you. Are you living with a bubble of defense established through the Space of Love? Don’t fear the opponent’s tactics. Focus on yourself and harmony that is you. It fools the Trust the Science group. (I once showed a teacher the readings from a nearby cell tower. She stopped taking her class to the worst parts of the field for PE, but she soon forgot. And it turned out that I didn’t need the reader. Guess where the safest part of that campus was. Where I had my breaks!)


That family getting together and all getting sick could be frequency, but it also may be emotions lowering their frequency (terrain effected by slow vibe.) Family gatherings can be places of emotional instability, including over-joy, which may lead to dis-easement.)


(1:15:54) All correct and dehydrated, too.


I think it’s too simple to say that cancer is parasites. Parasites are the new virus. Have you noticed that? In the 1990’s, they made sure all heard that viruses caused cancer, so then they could bring out the HPV (Gardasil) $hot. A cell having struggled for balance and having made a byproduct that is called “virus” will eventually turn cancerous in its struggle for balance if it is not acknowledged or cleared. Even if this human hasn’t disrupted innate balance through $hots, regular parasites coming in to clear out a problem will be attracted. Now the opponent can say that parasites caused the prob. But please know parasites are in $hots. I have seen a three-year-old all $hotted up. (Just see the CDC schedule for $hots for three-year-old's and younger and add to that what his mother received during pregnancy for an idea.) This boy was in a special ed class and too much for the adult in charge of him to handle. I would notice at certain instances, he was calm and fine and all of a sudden in distress. He would find something such as a bench to lie his front on and hang his head close to the ground. When I connected with him, it felt like parasites running on his brain, but they wouldn’t be felt so badly when he did that. I knew they came from the $hots. Also, a nine-year-old as sweet as can be would offer me a flower. All of a sudden, he’d touch his head, even hit it. His personality was different. He'd walk to the nearest adult away from me and kick and hit and be totally out of control. He was in pain. People wouldn’t believe me that the parasites were awake on his brain. These two boys suffered terribly from va((ine injuries: the parasites intended to get into their brains by their designers. (The $hot designers as the makers may have been oblivious mind controlled slaves.)


Multiple Sclerosis is a va((ine injury. I so wish those I know who suffer from this would look at their va((ine history! Parasites are from the $hots as well as normal parasite attraction.


(1:18:37) What causes dis-easement? Fake, artificial, unnatural, going against the flow kind of things. So really, just one. EMF’s from anything manmade is fake. If you have ease, natural parasites will not come. A vulture will not come unless there is a carcass that needs to be removed. The lab-tweaked parasites would be made to administer in $hots and to work with the tower/antenna frequencies. Diet, well, we have gotten away from food and moved to ingesting long ingredients lists. See

Toxins are from us not standing in alignment with the Sound of Self. Though our air, food, and water is attacked, we can still triumph with listening to Nature. Do what you can to address nutritional deficiencies. If you have a walk-in closet, Jim Gayle can teach you how to have an abundant food forest. Take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions. The spiritual problem comes from not standing in alignment with the Sound of Self; going against Nature. Be careful that you haven’t made the Puppeteers your god.


The dis-easements she mentioned are from va((ine injuries. (Had a blood transfusion? You’ve had $hots.)


This seems to be a fear-the-parasites kind of message. Again, don’t get $hots and their lab-tweaked parasites. Don’t establish an environment that will attract natural parasites, vultures, or a microzymas that will turn to a pathogen.


It’s true, back in 1996, when I learned how to make what became the Support the Mountain cleanse, all MDs said that parasites were a third world country problem and would not accept that it was a terrible problem in the States. They would not accept that it was worse for pet owners. Only recently has it become acceptable to talk about parasites. You have to wonder if it’s because of a parasite va((ine is ready to go.


Hydroxychloroquine is a Western Medicine drug that a MD may prescribe without proof in the form of an isolate of what they are intending to use it for. There are other choices for dis-easement that don’t involve the pimp Big Pharma. If Lee wanted this drug for c*vid, they wouldn’t fill the prescription. When asked if it was for c*vid, why would she say, “Yes”??? Does she not know there is no isolate? If it’s EMF poisoning, does she not have a better choice of treatment? She could get the same drug if needed for a different diagnosis. This is theatrics. This is supposed to Astrally tug at you because of the seeming injustice. Meanwhile, thousands clamored for this drug. Many felt victimized, which the Genetic human revels in.


Lupus is a va((ine injury. See George Wiseman’s AquaCure if you are experiencing this. And stop having $hots. Auto-immune dis-easements are from $hots.


Parasites are not the issue: it’s the $hots.


13.1 of va((ine inserts warns that this product has not been tested for carcinogenic material. They may place whatever cancer-causer they want in any $hot they want. (I certainly wouldn’t test for an ingredient that I knew was in there!)


Most paradisal do not address the eggs, but some do. Yes, eggs in $hots is doable.


Humans in the military are not treated with respect. They are forced to have the $hots. That’s the number one attack done on them, other than war being established by one side pulling both sides’ strings. Parasites in tumors are totally believable. Yes. And you know when you take a paradisal to not think about what you’re doing because the parasites take defense, right?


Interesting, isn’t it, that something is sent to a lab for identification and a wiggling of a tumor is not investigated?...for decades!!! The German guys are allowed to identify it now because they must have a parasite va((ine ready.


Autoimmune system failures are from $hots or blood transfusions…Perhaps if a non-vaxx patient, transmission from a vaxxed person occurs as parasite infection can occur from a cat to a human.


Royal Rife is a hero! He also used right-brain technology.


And a simple thing like controlling magnification still doesn’t snap the Trust the Science group out of their $pell. Why would the criminals-that-believe-they-be not allow stronger magnification?


Though it does seem a specific communication about parasites, the blue-spikey ball costume of the Olympics could also be portraying HIV. The same graphic was used for several psy-ops. (Look at these images.)


The psychopaths do inform you. But here, it sounds like they want the masses to stay focused on cancer is parasites. Instead of cells struggling for balance if never able to balance, may become cancerous, especially if biowarfare enters the picture and if the human never addresses the imbalance. Another Astral tug.


Germ Theory vs. Terrain should not be so quickly thrown aside. Bechamp proved that if a plant was healthy, its microzymases remained beneficial and if sick, became pathogenic. Germ Theory is the lie. Your terrain comes from you either standing in alignment with the Sound of Self or not. You don’t “catch a cold,” but you may experience dis-easement symptoms.


The opponent to the MultiSelf most definitely will support parasites and keep you in a state of dis-easement in any way they may be successful, with your permission.


Just because the authorities have shown you that they lie and so maybe you should do the opposite, please don’t let that be your only criteria. Use your gut and intuition. Discern. Remember that propaganda may have 80-99% truth behind it.


I don’t recommend Ivermectin. It is from the pimp Big Pharma. There are plenty of paradisal and cleanses out there. There are other protocols, too.


(1:33:00) The CDC is doing two things. 1)There probably is a lot of pressure for the truth with Holga’s work out for many to read. 2) Disclose about parasites, though don’t say they’re from va((ines. Blame the carrier: a cat.


Holga is the first researcher who I know of who discovered parasites transmitting from cats to humans. (She, as far as I know, does not consider that this is happening due to all the $hots pets have been receiving for many decades now.) What we call parasites are purposely tweaked and placed in vials. They are made to transmit. Yes, natural eggs may be there as well. Cats who have never had a $hot may be affected. I have not read Holga’s book.


Lee brought up the population control meme. Places in consciousness that the They want to kill you.


“We may be dealing with artificial parasites, too,” Lee said!!!! So, why would they not be in the $hots? And how does something artificial get in us????


It makes sense that an MD would want Big Pharma. They are the whores for that pimp!


Most certainly, communication can be safe for all lifestreams.


Yes, allow opinions. We are diverse. (Like me not convinced that Lee is free of control.) Just Be. Don’t force someone to wear a mask, get $hots, go to war, etc. Just live and let live. And discern.




Following are my thoughts the first time I heard this doctor speak. She seemed to suddenly have fame when she did not know about thrombocytopenia being a va((ine injury AND that all va((ines potentially can alter our genetics as per 13.1 of va((ine inserts.  This is a red flag, because when she came on the scene, a narrative that was being pushed is that this clot & bot $hot was a DNA-altering $hot, as if the ones prior were not. (Yes, they control what they place in $hots so they may target infertility in all $hots for one area, and altering genes in another, and cancer in yet another. Likewise, in Beverly Hills, they may have all lot numbers of all $hots as saline solution only (with other va((ines; the c $hot would have AI and nanotech, too.) Lot numbers hold or withhold different weapons.

I touch on many of these ideas in my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.

If I had to guess, I would say the goal was to leave you with parasites cause cancer in your consciousness, so they can reveal a $hot (to prevent that) with humans accepting it.


Second place is causing confusion. These “Truthers” went on and on about the mRNA $hots and now she’s questioning that concept. It reminds me of the “Don’t need to wear a mask/Wear a mask!” meme. 13.1 informs you that mutagenic properties may be placed in any $hot at any time. It has been this way for decades. You don’t need to give mRNA $hots any of your time.  You know there’s tech in $hots. You know they are biowarfare. Don’t get Astrally tugged over details.

On engineered crap in $hots.

“Viruses” as a byproduct of activity.


On Rashid Buttar.

On Ardis.

I am the mother of a completely non-vaxx adult daughter. Here, I spoke with Ingi about it.


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