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On Stew Peter’s Dr. Ardis’ Water Covid Video


I have not seen Stew in a while.  He looks different to me.  Dr. Ardis’ stance is that venom was placed in Remdesivir and our water supply supporting multiple symptoms that were labeled “covid.” Here are my thoughts on this episode as I watched it…only finding out his full stance at about 47 minutes. 

When I heard people talking about this, I was not going to watch it.  Like most things intended for masses to hear; though, it found me.

·      Know that non-humans are working against humans.  They use lab-made “viruses.”  Super soldiers have spoken of a G virus that they have made.  The G virus supposedly transforms humans quickly into something scary.  Dr. Ardis’ idea is something different.

·      First, the criminals-that-believe-they-be want you to think there is a water shortage, then they want you to fear water’s quality.  (Flint and other attacks come to mind.)

·      We know most humans who were murdered in 2020 that was called covid happened in hospitals by their protocol and traitor-humans known as doctors and nurses.  They used ventilators against protocol and harmful drugs.  (Hospitals also have dangerous EMF’s and vaccines, such as the flu $hot with biowarfare in them.)

·      We know Fauci is a pawn used by the Puppeteers to convince humans that they were sick, even healthy humans.  We knew he had sold his soul and was a traitor to humanity.  We knew he was a liar. We knew the news was using him to be as the flute-player leading the mice off the cliff. We knew humans should not cover this nostril, that nostril, and the mouth simultaneously.

·      This video is dramatic…more theatre for the masses 15 minutes in as if this chiro has no idea evil resides in hospitals.  Western Medicine was set up for a moment like this.  People who go to hospitals with the belief that these places are for humanity are not paying attention.

·      “You do not have to fear covid. We have an answer.”  Excuse me.  There is no isolate that is a wild, natural contagious virus.  There are lab-made weapons only.  So, say you have a treatment for lab-made weapons, not covid.  Covid is the name for an attack on humans.

·      It’s a no-brainer to not listen to the CDC, NIH, John Hopkins, Fauci and a very long list of players.  As for any drug put out by Western Medicine, study it thoroughly and other healing modalities to see what is best for yourself.  Listen to your body.  Perhaps you need rest or a new set of friends.

·      When puppets inform us not to use something, yes, it may be because it “works.”  But it may also be to get you to want it.  You get to feel like the bad child ignoring the parent if you have this drug that your parent forbade you to have.  I would not trust any drug.  You never know what a lab is putting in that lot number of that drug intended for this community over here.  Don’t fall for the “forbidden fruit” psy-op.

·      Exactly what is it that the-criminals-that-believe-they-be don’t want us to recover from?  People died by their treatments, including the last year where the most people have died since the Puppeteers’ $hots.  And how many were harmed by overdosing on the vitamins and minerals that were constantly talked about? How many were harmed by living in constant fear that was all hyped up?  How many were harmed by smothering themselves with masks?  How many were harmed by isolation?

·      Humans who cannot believe the levels of evil during this covid psy-op have not been paying attention.  They have been practicing with levels of evil for a very long time.  They have practiced on groups here and there and in multiple aspects.  But great.  If a human is able to see it now, better late than too late.

·      Just a lay-person’s thought: antibodies is a discussion of much debate amongst freelance scientists.

·      “Covid” has never been isolated nor proven to be there in any body.  They know lab-made “viruses” are in people.  That lab-made “thing” could be anything. Do they have venom in some $hots’ certain lot numbers?  Was the true weapon injected, no matter what it is?  Could this weapon have been on swabs for the fake test?  Do they have multiple weapons in various $hots?

·      Any person capable of clear thought knows the trolls and Fact Checkers were to divert the masses from Truth. The more light a person held, the more this person was silenced. The news programmed the controlled masses to hate and fear the healthy of body and mind.  All part of the psy-op.

·      By 22:58 I am certain this is more hype for people.  There is no natural contagious virus.  Even if someone milked a snake and injected people with it, it is an attack on humans by agents of the government.  They could have been placing any weapon in a $hot at any time for the last 200 years.  You need to feed stories to the public, fact check them, and have drama so you can uncover it.  They could have contaminated humans in a variety of ways from the beginning, including EMF.  There are multiple labs here on Earth and off-world.  Would it really surprise you if the criminals were placing venom in Remdesivir? The idea of venom supports humans with more fear.  They like bizarre and scary and “Oh, my God!!!”  Do humans stop to think about this and how it involves a perpetrator in a white coat?  And how nothing was natural all along?

·      Interesting that receptors are in the brain and swabs were shoved up people’s noses again and again.  This swab has been doing something for two solid years weekly and sometimes more often than that.

·      24:43, SARS “victims” were injected with a lab-made weapon/virus.  (Quick conveyance of my ideas.  They take animal tissue from animals who are sad and tortured.  Viruses are made when a cell is imbalanced.  They use that to start with when they change natural byproducts of a cell seeking balance to make their lab-made virus bioweapons.)  These “victims” usually chose to be injected with a vaccine of some sort.

·      Dr. Bing Liu perhaps knew the truth and wanted to express it, some other reason, or what they claim.  Is he real?  I personally do not know him.  In Wag the Dog, they had a fake hero in a fake war in a fake country.  They could want more drama only, or they wanted drama with the bonus of killing someone that knew the truth about Germ Theory and “viruses.”  Hmm.  You know, the masses feel huge disappointment when they are informed, “We were this close and OMG, now we’re never going to know how to stop this scary natural contagious virus.  It’s going to be bad now if we don’t get that $hot ready in time.”

·      Amazing Polly revealed so many “conflicts of interest” since 2019!

·      Of course they lied about the “viral” of covid.  That was their power.  Now that many are catching on to the lies, we need, “It’s been venom all along.”  “Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my!”

·      In Reversed Reduced Gematria, vaccine is 42.  He said, “…42-page document.” It makes perfect sense that if hydroxychloroquine will prevent Remdesivir from killing humans, then they would want to make its use impossible.

·      We call puppets all working together a conflict of interest.  They call it a matter of course.  Lab-made weapons are made to kill humans and compromise the ones who can survive.

·      Covid victims were never classified by all the medication, vaccines, PCR swabs they had had.

·      Synthesized means tweaked in a lab.

·      All their bioweapons are hidden because they control autopsies.

·      Stay away from Western Medicine.

·      Media tell you the Puppeteers’ intentions.  That’s why many of this followed this easily.  They are as scripts.  But we Intend to establish a different ending than the one they want.

·      In that Blacklist,” the character even said, “Corona of death.”

·      The lie is, “I realize how they’ve been spreading it.”  Nothing is contagious.  The “spreading,” the murdering was done in many ways with every aspect of this operation on humans.  Yes, perhaps some water in some places has been compromised with their lab-tweaked venom…or many other things.  Have you ever looked into cadaver waste and where it goes? The puppeteers got the reactionaries to fear the air and now all those who refused the $hot are being programmed to fear the water. The PCR is not a test and to PCR our wastewater is part of their fearmongering.  They very well could be contaminating water more than usual, but when a scientist brings PCR into anything outside “Forensic Files,” smell a rat! People given lab-tweaked venom in a drug, $hot or swab can also have waste that can enter our environment.  We have had two years of humans having the swabs contaminate them with whatever and over a year of these $hots, but how many years was lab-tweaked venom in regular $hots and drugs?

·      Those who lost taste and smell should be questioned.  There have always been diagnosis’s that have these symptoms. What are the stats from Huntington Memorial in Pasadena, CA where they did not participate in covid money?  How many patients in general in that area had these symptoms?  The agents of the government are sneaky.  They harm humans in many ways and make you think it’s this or that as a reason to your present state.

·      The best thing about this is it’s making the CDC look bad to even the most controlled of the masses.

·      Exactly, they sedated even healthy people and murdered them.  With or without venom or any lab bioweapon, they simply drugged and murdered.  Numbers of covid deaths went up.

·      I heard a different old-time definition for virus.

·      It is a frequency war.  Are you a light-bearer human or have you succumbed to becoming the successive human because you lacked light, high frequency?

·      Long ago, the Puppeteers placed implants in our DNA.  This time, it is the imposter ray, so yes, it’s like the snake, Lucifer, demons, etc.

·      It is very telling to say, “Snake venom poisoning” in place of snake bite, which would convey that idea.  They knew there was no snake.

·      It was well done. 


Bottom line is that you have been attacked for over two solid years now and they have no intention of stopping.  What are you doing about that?

I experienced a car, that was going very fast, crashing into my car and I suffered an injury.  I did not go to the hospital because I didn’t think there was anything there that could help me, and I also did not want to get murdered.  Perhaps a great first step for those who go to Western Medicine would be to avoid the viper den itself.  Find other practitioners. Replace doctors and their drugs with other modalities.

Please also realize that Remdesivir being lab-tweaked venom or having been poisoned with venom—as well as lab-tweaked venom having been placed on some PCR swabs and within $hots of all kinds—is a very plausible weapon.  We can accept this hypothesis.  So that must mean that at least five other freelance scientists out there came up with the same thing.  Why haven’t we heard from them?  Is it because they were not given a platform?  How come this guy was given a platform and why now?  Does covid fear need to come back into the public’s consciousness?

I have heard ideas whispered into my head before.  Sometimes, I say, “Thank you,” because it was helpful.  At other times, I bring the Harmonizing Pyramid into me and watch it grow bigger, pushing the unwanted entity or thoughtform away.  This chiro may have had something guiding his steps and it may not have been God.

Humans are pawns and invent things when instructed to.  Yes, creativity also invents things but there is a blueprint that we can tap into.  Then there’s knowledge.  If I am tweaking anything in a lab with the intent of malice for lifestreams here on Earth, it can be known.  The information is there for the reaping.

He is calling covid the tweaked venom.  Know that covid is the whole psychological operation that has been happening on humanity that they officially ceremoniously kicked off with the sacrifice of Koby and his daughter.  Koby who was buried in Corona, CA, by the way. So this is another thing to confuse and scare, no matter how much truth was said.

This doctor is for the religious folks.  "Finally, a doctor we can trust!!!"...meanwhile, they feel scared of water like the other group fears the air.

The music is theatre.  His delivery is theatre.

Don’t focus on the water aspect of what he says.  They want you to feel helpless.  My whole life here this time around, the air, water, soil, and food has been compromised.  Bring yourselves above the frequency of the harm they intend to commit on you.  Set up a contract stipulating that if they harm you, they have entered a contract.  Use mental imagery to overlay another Intention over their plans. And, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!

 4/12/22 added

This link, he says that he is the only one who is talking about this religious side of things. In my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied in the Glossary, I write, “Agenda, The: A plan for control of lifeforms on 3D Earth that may be many thousands of years old but moved forward more quickly recently.  In 1540, the Jesuit Order (a group originally of seven) was approved by Pope Paul III.  In 1582, the Gregorian Calendar was introduced to mark time as we still do by Pope Gregory XIII and in October 1604, modern English had the alphabet we still use. These were some basic tools needed for the start of the homestretch to full control. See Gematria. Agenda 21, ID 2020, and an artificial intelligence prison planet are some imminent steps currently threatening Genetic humans.  Sometimes mico-agendas are put into place while leapfrogging toward an ultimate goal. Original humans were tweaked to be toy-things and slaves for the Puppeteers through breeding programs and various implants to hamper consciousness (multidimensionality). Currently, humans are being tweaked to become more robot-like with reproducing freely being phased out. (Human DNA in vaccines, atrazine, and glyphosate, for example, would have been stopped if the-criminals-that-believe-they-be—the 1% elite who when stated in affirmation form are the 1% delete—had no use for them.) Disconnecting humans from their Monadic Ray and the subtle bodies is key.”

Even the placebo toxine will have AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence) with in them.  Dr. Ardis, who I saw I actually have a lot of thinking in alignment with him, by the way, calls this a religious war on humanity, but can’t see that it’s a spiritual one, too.  The imposter ray is for control after death of the Physical body.  Perhaps on June 6, 2022, our opponent thinks he can press a button and have all the remaining humans fall.  It would indeed be dramatic if it occurs at 6AM in weach time zone.  Then scared humans will know it’s coming and give of a lot of the fear frequency.  Anyway, many humans may have been injected with auto-immune disorders, snake venom tweaked in a lab, cancers tweaked in a lab, heart and blood disorders and so on, but all who survive and those who have died can be controlled through the AI that they consented to having injected. I feel the 5G and EMF’s figure into the covid agenda.  Dr. Ardis thinks covid is only venom. (The opponent is infecting wildlife with their lab-made “Mad Cow Disease” in order to wipe out food as well as to infect those who eat them.)

 I learned from this video that Dr. Ardis is a man travelling with that group.  He’s not some unknown freelance scientist  who is not in the limelight.  I still say listen to him with caution.  If you feel an Astral tug of fear, suspect something working through him no matter how much Truth he reveals.

Someone just handed me this link. I have not seen it, yet.

4/14/22 added 

I like Amanda and am looking forward to hearing it.

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  1. Thank you for this break through information. You brought receipts for everything you said and I think it's perfectly clear that this is Snake venom poisoning. You are better than a doctor and don't let any comment tell you otherwise. You are a brave human and everyone should embrace this as the truth. I cannot thank you enough for this answer I have waited for since this whole planned event started. We are against Satan himself.

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    2. Hello Unknown, yes, they use lab-tweaked products both from something living and then exosomes, which are not living. There were friends and relatives physically around me who travelled extensively during this covid era and did not get sick. Yes, our water is contaminated and perhaps they place nasty bioweapons in it to survive their "cleaning" process. I think the water part is to make people fear water. I do not trust someone who says not to worry about 5G. Their frequency weapons figure in greatly to their plans. Also, as I mentioned, there would have been other scientists screaming about tweaked venom in this and that who were not heard. Why is this one heard? Why now? Us little guys who have been trying to warn people about vaccines for decades are unknown. We do not have this Satan backing us as some do. Remember, media is their weapon. Thank you for taking the time to comment. :)