Friday, April 22, 2022

The Manipulated Human Toy


Have you noticed the many people who just suddenly take all their clothes off?1  I propose that they were manipulated to do so.  This is an “in your face” control of humans.  They are toying with you out in the open.  “See what we can do? You are stupid chattel at our Will!”  They have implanted much of the population with biowarfare known as regular vaccines for centuries.  Now, they have implanted a portion of the population with a most vile vial of AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence, awful ingredients) and nanobots and illness-causing ingredients.  Add frequencies that you know about (and those that you do not know about) through the air and up from the ground, and you have a recipe for them "willing" a portion of the population into being the walking dead.  Their thoughts are no longer their own for as long as they are turned on.

See Telefon.  I saw it as a child and recognized the communication.  They are telling you what they do. If you are a mask-wearer, triple-jabbed reader, see the links below as you will be new to how you were played during the manipulated covid era.

Wars are made in rooms by humans and non-humans following a cript.


Children and adults who disappear go in multiple directions: human-makers, sex slaves, movie stars, politicians, test subjects, couriers, super soldiers, killers, canned food, live food, and more

1I was only able to find one of the three recent cases to which I was referring.


Controlled fear...

[This whole Wag the Dog psy-op 2020 is crazy! We have people out there who actually believe in all of the protocols and yet they still fear everyone around them...even if those around them are following all the protocols.
If they believe that the PCR is actually a test and they have a negative, you would think they would not fear everyone around them who also got negatives.
They're not able to understand that this whole protocol business has nothing to do with something floating around in the air that's wild and natural. If it was about that, then surely they would be free to socialize with the negative, mask-wearing, c shot injected amongst them.]

4/25/22 added on Montauk

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