Monday, April 25, 2022

GMO Means Engineered


It never occurred to me that humans out there who understand about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) would think that ‘modified’ needs to be defined, but let’s do that now.  Genetic implies engineering. Nature does not interfere with “genetics.”  Modifications that occur naturally do not need to be labelled because Nature is simply unfolding.  Humans and non-humans are engineering everything, as I say in my book, including you! (I refer you to 13.1 on vaccine inserts.)  Tweaking DNA is a favorite past-time, for centuries now, for the Puppeteers.  We are their playthings along with our food.

If you are ingesting something that has GMO labeling admitted on it, it’s the same as allowing a vial of engineered vile crap into yourself.  You do not necessarily understand the evil that goes into these modifications. The successive human is the most recent GMO version of us.  Some of us assume that we have avoided that technological ‘upgrade’ and we are becoming the light-bearer human by connecting with our spiritoid, the vowels of Sound. The Genetic human of the early twentieth century and before was engineered, but we are capable of getting beyond the engineering, the modifications, and getting back to standing in alignment with the Sound of Self.

Will you support your Soul in stopping the Puppeteers from engineering you?

For techniques of defense and more, please see my book.

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