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US Nationals

As a US Citizen, you are actually just one side of a coin.  On the other, you are a US National.  But just as a coin can only land heads or tails, you have to pick the status you choose.  If not, then your actions and language will decide US Citizen for you.  US citizens can be experimented on as per words on paper.  The Patriot Act can have you exterminated without a trial and more.  The National can stand outside that jurisdiction and feel more liberation on the journey to truly getting liberated which occurs with knowledge.  You will become a Common Law Councilor, a banker and a post master on your way out of the System.  The military/Science/Government/human/non-human faction and criminals-that-believe-they-be will try to sto you as you level up each step of the way.  Have protection in place and be willing to alter it accordingly as you attract a better, more skilled, and more desperate  opponent.

The first thread of info for becoming a National. This thread includes my journey.

On protection...aiming for fresh ideas.

Name vs State or State vs name, States can't bring and try their own cases.  It has to be in the Supreme Court unless with a Grand Jury.

"In all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state shall be party, the supreme court shall have original jurisdiction."

If you end up in a defacto court or common law court through the post, you want evidence to be called into the proceedings.  Get Presumptive Notices filed with a clerk.  Get information on your administrative file with the attorney general of your state and the secretary of state of the USA.

Right to travel:

I am guessing this is the author of the above article.  At any rate, this person was most likely targeted.


Know the Judicial District Rules for your state.

Know your state's District Court Rules

When your Natural Rights, or some say God-Given Rights, are violated, you can warn the officer, "Don't do this or you'll be breaking the law." If the officer continues, it shows malicious intent.


Liberty does not come free.  You must get educated.

Due Process.

The Sixth Amendment states that you must have counsel, not a lawyer.  "...and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense."

Should you get drawn into a psych evaluation..."I demand all of my Rights at all times.  I want a public hearing to determine my sanity.  I demand the Right to produce witnesses and evidence, and to my own private psychiatrist to determine whether or not I am competent."  Don't just be a rag doll to their doctor!!!

It is said that HGR 192 divorced the substance in Common Law from Common Law.  (This idea here is related to you becoming the banker.)

George Gordon suggests we read this case:

Standard vs. Olsen, 74 S. Ct. 768  “Where RIGHTS secured by the Constitution are involvedthere can be NO rule making or legislation, which would abrogate them.” - Miranda v. (Supreme Court said this!!!)

Miranda came from John Lilburne in 1637.

Trade, Commerce, Business, and Industry.  If you are not involved in any of that, you are traveling, not driving.

You cannot be compelled to be a witness against yourself as per Fifth amendment.

6/10/2023 added 

“(1) A certificate of the Secretary of State that such individual is a national of the United States; and

In this, the word “national” is describing a person from the US who has been representing the US overseas (or in a foreign country. It’s an employee of Uncle Sam.

4/11/2022 added

Put Social Security on notice with affidavit, or change the form that you signed and now say you are not a citizen.

4/14/22 added


The DMV is just a job that controls those who entered a contract with them. They are not the authority that can say travel freely or no. They work only with those who cannot travel freely.

4/26/22 added

Notice officials

4/27/2022 added IRS says your belief is why you pay.

4/29/22 added

4/30/22 added

 5/3/2022 added About threats to diplomat such as cop moving to your auto, even stopping you... Interference...Arrest stops forward movment...

5/7/2022 added (In 1933, our opponents changed the word German for citizens, making you the enemy)

George Gordon.

5/9/2022 added Info for begginners

5/13/2022 added for those who want some kind of automobile insurance

On Roman Law


5/18/2022 added related to no plates on auto

5/23/2022 added

5/29/2022 added

5/31/2022 added I have not received my Georg Gordon Common Law materials, yet.  (And when I do, I am not to speak about it.  All I can do is show you my experiences.) In the meantime, I listened to this.  I like that Kirk gives you something to do should you get summoned to the de facto court.  You file a Notice of Special Appearance objecting to the personal jurisdiction.  Next, file a Demand for proof of jurisdiction and for the case to be dismissed if not proven.  In this instance, jurisdiction is not proved through you not being in the system.  The lack of jurisdiction is to come from having no man standing against you.  For example, there is no injured party. And read the (your state) Rules of Procedure for (topic such as Family Court).  The rules may state that UNLESS you require compliance in writing to follow the Rules of Evidence, then all evidence, including heresay, may be admissible.  It reminds me of medical school where I learned that if a woman went in for a hysterectomy, she had to state do not take appendix and list things she wanted to keep.  Crazy!!! But the legal and medical systems were made by opponents to mankind. Just listen:

6/23/22 added for searching police treatment of diplomats and nationals.

6/26/22 added,-Law-and-the--Private-Domain--Clint-talks-with-Beth-Martens:a

6/28/22 added

7/3/2022 added

7/31/22 added

8/4/2022 added

Check this out...NH gets the whole right to travel.

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