Wednesday, April 20, 2022

On Dr Lee Merritt


Here we are once again when I hear of a person and then I receive a link to this same person from another.  Do you hear truthers going viral like that?  No.  So I have listened to under 5 minutes which is all I am willing to spare for Lee, though I sense she will tell you 80-90% truth.

She works with Simone Gold, who I already have written about.  (Simone never comes out and says that there is no natural, contagious virus.)  At 4:24, Lee says that this toxine is not a vaccine.  “Experimental genetic agents,” is what they are.  And thrombocytopenia seems to be a vaccine injury that this doctor has never heard about.  I can confidently refer you to the insert for chicken pox and MMR vaccines to see that they have caused thrombocytopenia (TCP or TTP) and look at 13.1 while you are there.  (Unless the-criminals-that-believe-they-be have made the inserts as black as the c $hot's insert.)  “This product has not been tested for mutagenetic properties.”  That means they have been taking a lot number and practicing with it most likely for decades.  If regular vaccines, which are biowarfare, were not changing DNA of unlucky customers, then why not confidently announce that this product will not change your DNA?

Unfortunately, I can give no more time to this doctor.  Yes, it seems she is guiding folks away from the toxine, but she is either dishonest or as most doctors has no clue about vaccines.


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