Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Letter to Criminal Justice Information Services Division About NCIC

When a US National travels without a license and in a non-registered automobile, it is likely that some officers will not understand the lawfulness of these actions.  The living soul will seek to put ALL officers on Notice across the States of the Union, which means an affidavit that is on file with the Secretary of State will likewise be sent to many stations.  Today, on Radio Ranch, it was suggested that we simply put the NCIC on Notice.  I feel uncomfortable about it being a criminal data base since we are already seen as criminals when we do not waive the slightest Right.  Here is a first attempt to look into this possibility.  I suppose we are on their lists anyway, so it can only help.

Jones, Jane

c/o #### Street

City, California                                                                             (Certified mail #)


29 April 2022


National Crime Information Center
Michael D. DeLeon, Assistant Director Criminal Justice Information Services Division
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306


Re: Moral beings (state Citizens/US Nationals) outside UNITED STATES jurisdiction


Dear Assistant Director DeLeon:

According the NCIC site, “The FBI is authorized to acquire, collect, classify and preserve identification, criminal identification, crime, and other records and to exchange such information with authorized entities,” which sounds perfect for state Citizens/US Nationals and the officers with whom they come into contact due to the living soul not being required to the specific performance that is expected of US Citizens by the states’ statutes.  When officers are ignorant, escalations may ensue when an officer holds curbside court in his or her ignorance.  NCIC could be the peaceful answer for all involved.

It is unfortunate that this branch of the FBI is holding national crime information rather than simply information.  Your data base seems a perfect place to house information and affidavits from state Citizens—US Nationals who have not waived Natural Rights and walk as if in Heaven under God.  These inhabitants “proper to oneself” seek to not harm another’s life, liberty, real property, or the property that is Rights and do not need to be parented. Thus, they would never end up in your files under normal circumstances. 

Having said that, your data base seems the perfect receptacle for information on these moral beings so that marshals, sheriffs, police, and other agents may easily access information when they have stopped one from traveling in a non-registered automobile without what is called a driver’s license. Much communication and anxiety on everyone’s part may be avoided if NCIC added “US Nationals” as a category to be covered by this system.  As it stands now, it will make an officer think the living soul before them is a criminal if the US National’s information is in this system.  As the NCIC site states, “The purpose for maintaining the NCIC system is to provide a computerized database for ready access by a criminal justice agency making an inquiry and for prompt disclosure of information in the system from other criminal justice agencies,” which is perfect, except it adds, “about crimes and criminals.”  Inhabitants who have not waived Rights are not criminals, yet they would appreciate easy identification on behalf of an officer who may be questioning them. Ignorance on behalf of the officer who knows nothing about jurisdiction in the sense of liberated or slave may experience fear, which could be disastrous for all.

Your site goes on to say, “This information assists authorized agencies in criminal justice and related law enforcement objectives in the protection of the law enforcement officers encountering the individuals described in the system.”  True, US Nationals may not be operating a registered car, but may be able to offer the system some kind of identifying factor if they choose.  When an officer can quickly determine the identity of the moral being before him or her, the officer may safely move on to other matters. Communication is key for smooth traveling.  

Yes, it is incongruous that US Nationals would ask to be in any system but being in this system would help everyone have quicker movement through any situation.  For example, at an airport, when refusing to cover this nostril, that nostril, simultaneously with this mouth, because the living soul identifies as needing oxygen and has not waived Constitutionally protected Natural Rights, a quick check in the system may inform the officer that the traveler is not part of the voluntary servitude of that jurisdiction (and the court associated with it which is unable to effect Remedy), and may pass unencumbered.

Due to current, obvious tyrannical behavior, many are correcting their status.  As a result, fewer police officers will be needed, but more than this, more inhabitants run the risk of being misunderstood.  It is necessary and imperative to place state Citizens/US Nationals under a non-criminal heading and allow these inhabitants to send information for an administrative file for easy communication, not to criminalize them.  Thank you.

Given Under My Hand,

Jones, Jane




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