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Critiquing Rashid’s Last Interview



Critiquing what is known as Rashid’s last interview...

It’s amazing to me that humans don’t see killing a baby as murder! So Satanic!

Her prayer. When I hear the Bible being quoted, I place the passage in either Source or Puppeteers categories. To say, “…who despises a vile person, but honors those who fear the LORD,” as if despising is a with Nature flow thing. The Puppeteers want you to fear them, thus, fearing the LORD. Pinky-rose love and holding that space is the answer. There’s no thought or judgment for another. It’s a command when you say that this is the experience you want of that person. It overrides karma, if you can hold it.

With his transition away from a Physical body and EVERYONE sharing about that, I noticed how different he looked since the last time I saw him in May 2020. His face is longer. Is that Rashid? I wondered. Looking at this, I still do.

Free Will is always exercised. That’s how they got you to wear a mask or to have any of their $hots. You willingly allowed temperature-taking, etc by what you chose not to know. In this age of information, I know I was not the only one constantly giving a different side to EVERY narrative that has been said in my presence. At a school district where I worked, for instance, I constantly informed that Germ Theory is a theory and so much more. If you chose to believe propaganda about cell phones over the truth, that’s on you and how you exercised your Free Will.

In the April 2020 interview, he doesn’t inform you that HIV and MERS are lab-tweaked and allowed to seemingly happen through a lot of propaganda. He makes it sound like this more detrimental “virus” is not detrimental in $hots. It sounds like it’s a more detrimental natural thing in the air. “He funded research that has now led to the covid-19,” sounds like it’s in the air, since that’s what the news said. Man, I was right. The now Rashid does not look like the one from the past. In saying that all the deaths are not going to be from Covid but the $hot is supporting the narrative that there was a thing in the air isolated as covid to the average normie out there.

“People don’t die from covid” reenforces that there was a covid. Fauci is a puppet. Perhaps Rashid’s role was to play “good cop bad cop” with the puppet Fauci. The $hot “causes more deaths than the problem itself” sounds like he has a handler to me, because he is informing you about their plan. He is disclosing that the Deltas variant is all va((ine injuries. Please understand puppets disclose. I am not saying puppets realize they are puppets. Perhaps he did realize thus why we see a different look to this man. Perhaps Rashid was taken out long ago and they have a more controllable model now.

I’m aware of Anderson, the Puppet, saying what he’s told to. That’s part of the drama, the Astral tugging of the audience.

Notice the “news” does not inform you that $hots and other avenues “leak” their biowarfare. They need to reenforce that it’s in the air leaking out of a lab, but covid-19 was real and you are to assume that it’s been isolated.

Please, at 22.25, compare these two men. The eyes are different. The darkness behind the current Rashid’s eyes shows another. It’s not the soul of the 2020 Rashid. I get the military/science/government/human/non-human’s automaton known as the gray kind of feeling when I look into that 2023 Rashid’s eyes. Compare more on pause. I do see the “Kidney Yang deficiency under the left eye that’s the same. The left side, look at the sternocleidal mastoid area seems strained.

Actually, exercising Free Will has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong. It’s choosing.

Yes, Earth is alive with a spirit having a point of focus (lifetime) as a planet. This planet’s experience will be different by our choices.

True. We are creators and collectively have created every psy-op we’ve experienced.

True. Abundance.

In ICU, you are done-for. They have you. Perhaps that’s where, at the very least, he was hooked into the imposter ray. Are they disclosing it with “200 times what’s in the $hot”? “Regardless of what happens…”

It is true that things will be different. And let me inform you that your MultiSelf was always there informing you. Did you choose not to listen? Well, then you learned from that experience, didn’t you. Chromotherapy, for example, was a healing modality offered in the LA area up until about the 1950’s and then it started coming back by the 1990’s. If you’ve never had chromotherapy or color homeopathy when you’re off-balance, how come? It’s been available. You’re not a victim. This show to come is perhaps going to support the “what they did to you” victim consciousness.

So this lady believes in a virus.

Yes, they murdered doctors and those against $hots, but they murdered normal everyday normies, young and old, too…from all $hots. (People just didn’t notice adults dying because it used to be in smaller numbers before taking this one $hot multiple times and by sooooo many adults.

He’s telling you they’re losing, yet all their lies related to control of us are still on the books and a go. For example, people are paying taxes and cops are asking to see licenses. No fake president has been made public. The social credit system has not stopped. 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G towers and antennas have not been dismantled. Energy has not been made “free” again. Water does not move automobiles. And so much more apparatus of control is still in place.

Gosh, if a few million are following Rashid, no wonder they like him!

It’s true. He is disclosing that the humans are the ones who make things happen, or support their chains.

Well, yes, if you take that $hot you get GMOed, but glyphosate and atrazine also GMO you and in fact, glyphosate is in va((ines. For those of you who are aware of what goes into your body, please know that in the USA especially, Big Pharma owns ND’s and you have to ask for non-corn IV vitamin C or you are getting injected with glyphosate, too! All attention is being brought to this $hot-weapon when there are multiple attacks.

People knew the story of masks and still wore them.

She again believes that there was a virus in the air that never actually got isolated. He doesn’t correct her yet again. Funny how a puppet isn’t permitted to say that there was no natural, contagious virus. Hmm.

The goal is complete control and the social credit system world-wide is a step towards that. Part of this goal is to switch MultiSelves from their Monadic Ray to the imposter ray in order to have one completely under their thumb. (But you can get assistance from the Causal level. There is always a way out because their bs is not Real.)

Search out the so-called Swastika in Lemurian times and for Hinduism. It was a “jacked” symbol. It would support you to be reunited with its original energy.

He is asking you to remember that dying is something to celebrate. True.

To me, demons on this planet could actually be rogue Causals that have jumped in people. Another way of saying this is as if it’s a rogue elemental.

True. Sleight of hand with conflict between groups.

The lady doesn’t know. The Draco especially but all the opponents to humanity are fine with Genetic humans becoming the successive human. The successive human is very robot-like and doesn’t necessarily procreate. Autism was brought to us to support certain aspects like compartmentalization and non-sociability. We get used to that and their plan is part way complete.

So, he admits that he is a doctor who has a va((ine injured child (which means he’s a believer in virology) and he bargained with God. (And I have already let you know that I see two aspects to the Bible and God. He perhaps made a deal, unbeknownst to himself, with the Puppeteers. He made a pact. I only humans knew that they don’t need to make deals with Source. You don’t have to sacrifice something in order to have another thing. This child’s Free Will was in play. He came to an ignorant mom and dad. He knew that there was to be a journey to wellness. Interesting, though. He’s telling you he made a pact. What is the Puppeteers’ work? To speak in a way that makes many think of a virus and to get people into the drama and to make some money while you’re at it?

Again, this exercising Free Will thing is odd as if you’re not doing that every day. Comply, don’t. It’s still your Free Will. Stealing is Free Will.

It is not true that nobody was speaking out about this covid thing. We just didn’t have a handler to push us in front of high numbers.

And that right there shows you the strength of the opponent: Canada will put words on paper to control what you say and hear. (This is also why they made the “covid” happen, but then it’s related to the social credit system.)

I saw something about Peter when he first came on the scene.

Yes. Religion has its reasons of control.

Well, he sounds very much like Rashid.

One thing I will add to their talk on Heaven is that if you don’t master Pinky-rose space of love here, you can be fooled after you drop your Physical body as much as you were here with being fooled into victimhood.

Interesting that I’m hearing a few scripts that have gone around often…and handlers love their scripts. It’s petty. But the restaurant/mask stories and the good guy who doesn’t know religion. They just have to be acknowledged, though, because the opponent to humanity recycles stories through their puppets.

On his Seven Toxicity chart that he h what he calls opportunists as if your internal terrain, even without heavy metals, was not something to look at. Now, he says, “Viruses,” as if he doesn’t know when a cell is imbalanced and strives for balance, it leaves a byproduct, a history of what that cell experienced. But it is not contagious. If there’s a lot of it, of course it’ll effect the internal terrain, but wasn’t the first problem that the cell was seeking to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self?

Microplasma/myoplasma is a lab-tweaked weapon introduced through $hots, water, and dropped from the air via planes and drones or otherwise sprayed.

Yes, it all goes back to spiritual because we can transmute any attack into Blessings.

Just keep in mind that many have been murdered by the 1% dElite and company and yet you are tugged about this death. I know a few more who had a lot of pure Truth and were bumped off without anyone seemingly noticing. Hmm.

We have lost a human. Any human taken out is a loss.

I liked how he answered the religious questions. I’m not drawn to her at all. 


 Someone who was taken out who knew.

I liked his Love Road bit. He is spot on! It is fear to do what she’s doing around beliefs.  

I know one man who was supposed to die and lived. He had a reptile in him after he survived. (I talk about that in my book. Kale, too

One interesting note is that he sounds more slurred to me compared to her when I play it on .75 speed. And, compared to his 2020 self at 0.75 speed.












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