Sunday, May 21, 2023

They Kill Their Pawns

If you are a respected doctor and you come onto the c*vid scene without understanding that there are no, none, nada natural, contagious viruses in existence AND you are not against v*((ines—meaning you think they do something helpful—then you truly do not know.

How do you get airtime (with the non-vax community) and a huge following when you don't start out knowing these two important things?

Another thing one should know is that Section 13.1 on va((ine inserts informed people for decades that “this product has not been tested for mutagenic properties.

Sally Elkordy and I discussed that on her show in 2018. (She was an authentic Truther who was taken out on November 22, 2020.) That means for a long time, the opponent to humanity have chosen which lot numbers they have targeted to place their gene-altering products in! If you are suddenly talking about the c $hot and the gene-altering properties in it, do you not know about the other $hots? Was your handler allowing the c $hot disclosure to make “controversy” and “anger” over this one $hot? 

How did you get so famous by May 2020?

You know another truth is that the opponent to humanity kill their pawns, as well.

If they have a puppet who is giving 80% truth with 20% of what they want humans to believe as true, and then they kill that person off, then everyone swallows everything that person says as 100% truth. Further, if you wiggle bait before humanities eyes such as….I have a huge secret that you need to know…and then you’re dead and can’t tell them, then you look like you’re not a puppet. But, if you post that you are not going to commit suicide, then deluge your secrets fast, unless it’s all distraction and drama. No? You died with your secrets? Why?

Just so people realize that. They kill their puppets, as well.

I am always sorry to hear when a human has left the Earth experience. Just know that the opponent to humanity kills by the numbers and especially likes to kill ones in the limelight.  (It tugs other humanity Astrally/emotionally.)

I don't follow these three. There is a chance they know now, but that they got fame before knowing makes me want to listen to ones who knew more than me to start with.

Here's another I saw as a pawn and haven't looked at his work since he came on the scene.

Here's another. I still see people sharing her work. Bur see, when she hit the scene fast, there's things she didn't know. How did she get people to follow her back then?

Long-winded of me, but here are my thoughts on his last interview. 

Dr. Peter McCullough is another I noticed immediately as one to not follow.

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