Thursday, May 25, 2023

Va((ines Have Been Altering the Genetic Human

I seem to be the only person talking about this (most likely because Sallie Elkordy was taken out and she and I talked about it in 2018)...anyway this $hot that's out now, yes it will alter you, but it's not the first $hot to alter you. 

Look at 13.1 of any of the va((ine inserts in the last probably 40 years. 13.1 states that they did not check this product for mutagenic properties. That means they can put anything in any lot number they want... Anything that can alter your DNA.

Further, glyphosate alters DNA, even of the bacteria in the and the bacteria in your gut. You have been being altered for a while. I talk about that in my book. In fact the Genetic human was altered to get us to this point as to what we were before they started altering us again.

Now, we have the Successive human thanks to atrazine, glyphosates, everything in the va((ine programs and geoengineering and frequency attacks, such as 5G, 6G, WiFi, SMART every appliance.

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