Tuesday, May 23, 2023

So Do Something About It


If you are just learning about geoengineering, EMF attacks on lifestreams, the va((ination kill/maim program, or any of the extra curricular activities of the 1% dElite, the opponents to humanity, then feel your shock, anger, and fear. But feel it. Cry. Kickbox. Whatever. But then be done with that. If those feelings prolong, it has now turned into Astral tugging of you, which is in the realm of emotions: stagnant hurt being tapped into.

Now that you know and now that you’ve informed your friends, do something about it.

Part of the Implant in Earth human DNA is victimhood. Let me remind you that you are MultiSelf. You are creative and Powerful, from Source, and of Pinky-rose love. As such, you are as a weapon that can and bloody-well should do something about that which goes against the flow of Nature.

For instance, instead of getting your knickers in a knot about what the opponent is doing, head them off at the pass. I can inform you about what I do, but perhaps Sound is your personal talent, so alter what I say to fit your own little self.

No matter what attack we are discussing: chem trails, 5G/6G, $hots, satellites, atrazine, glyphosate, human greed and other emotions that have sooted-up the atmosphere, you can and should transmute it rather than complaining about it. Next, you could move on to establishing a Space of Love through the Pinky-rose.

The opponent has you when you are angry and wanting to harm them. That is their field of energy, the place where they operate. The way out is through what is True and Real, of the flow of Nature. It is not in wanting to harm someone because they don’t play how you want.

Knowing the opponent is also important. Learn about Germ Theory and how it was weaponized against humans. Learn about chromotherapy and homeopathy and how the opponent attempts to keep them from humans. Truly get it that virology is made up to turn our natural product that is made when a cell seeks to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self against us by making it wrong. Yes, that byproduct is a personal history of moments when we have harmed our cells and forced them to strive for balance and it has been called “virus.” Further, our body has been belittled and we are said to have “caught a cold.” Coronavirus was labeled contagious without ANY proof. Our exhausted cells with much byproduct as we refused to listen and support our cells was said to cause cancer rather than being understood as having attempted to save our cells and thus us. We caused the cancer through harming our cells. But, we like being victims. It wasn’t our fault. Enter the opponent to humanity who has us where they want us.

Learn. Read. Search out. Know your body. Know your opponent.


PS. Please know that mutagenic, DNA altering products, have been in va((ines for a long time as per 13.1 on inserts, which has informed you of such. It is not new!!! It is a weapon placed in any lot number they chose.

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