Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Genetic Human Was Already GMOed


God is one of four things to average people: Source, the Puppeteers, a Causal being and to Satanists, Satan. In a different era, pre-humans were more of an Etheric/Astral physical-ish being/entity. It was a MultiSelf that thought to move and communicate. The Puppeteers were a group that figured out how to be more base and enticed others to use their Free Will and join them in making a more 3D Physical environment. Part of the DNA (vowels) came from the MultiSelf. The consonants, Implants, and an avenue to be controlled came from the Puppeteers. Using Free Will, there is a way to get yourself back to 100% MultiSelf DNA, or simply to rise above the Implants, making them obsolete. (These ideas discussed in my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.)  But at any rate, if a sweet potato came into being “naturally,” it was most likely orchestrated by the Puppeteers, who also tweaked an earlier model of human into the pig. Labs don’t have to look like modern labs to have existed. The va((ination program has been around for a very long time, and labs that made that earlier “Gain of Function” may have been closer to labs today, but still different.

A human already is genetically modified.  Though humans enjoy victimhood and self-pity, there is a lot you can do. Start accessing the Mind in your cells for creating, establishing the world you want. Yes, be aware and do your part to not support the Agenda against our MultiSelves, but don’t allow yourself to be Astrally tugged; don’t get emotional.

Here's an example, in the last seven years at two different homes, I have been searching for bees. I used to sit on the ground and watch them buzzing about me. In 2015, I even walked within a swarm heading for a bush to protect their queen as they were moving to some place. Some of the bees hit me. I looked up and saw I was in the center of a swarm. It was exhilarating! I giggled the whole time. But since then, I only see the occasional dead bee or one that looks like its dying. No more gazillion bees buzzing about, hopping from flower to flower. Is it the EMF’s, I wondered. Were towers, geoengineering, or both fatally harming bees, the connection to humans’ future? Was it atrazine and glyphosate? Which human or Puppeteer action was it that was killing them? Well, I started doing Violet Cubes of Light on towers, antennas, and the skies transmuting the intended harm into Blessings. I took those Blessings up to the sooted electrons in our atmosphere, that I also discuss in my book, and I grounded Blessings into lifestreams on Earth: into the soil, to soil bacteria, to bees, humans, myself where I may have an issue, etc.

I am often outside, walking the neighborhood, looking at flowers and all around me searching in vain for bees. I am often outside, sitting on or near the ground, searching in vain for bees. Two days ago, I saw about four, buzzing and jumping from flower to flower. Yesterday, about five. I see this as confirmation that the transmuting I am doing is having an impact. Imagine if more people would step out of helplessness and start putting energy behind what they want to create over what they fear and are Astrally tugged into anger over.


This video is on bioengine*ring awareness. Va((ines have long since had these kinds of weapons within them. Also, Malone did not invent this altering of DNA product. This technology has been placed in va((ines for about 150 years. (See 13.1 of inserts: “This product has not been tested for mutagenic properties.” The opponent to Genetic humans and MultiSelves say things like that so they may place what they want in the lot number they want, targeting the area they want.) Malone was the puppet inventor who very well may believe he invented this weapon, kind of like Watson & Crick with “two-strand DNA “invention.” Linus Pauling was booked to invent that and the controllers of that script pulled his passport having changed their minds. Long story, part of the scripts that are out there for you to read.

My book on disturbances to humanity and ideas of support.

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