Sunday, July 25, 2021

Definitions Are Necessary

[I am writing a response to The Highwire's episode called "About Half the Cases Are Vaccine Failures." It's an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, a pro-v*ccine doctor who believes in the contagious virus, as taught to him in school.

One of the most significant things that I see that is different with the way that this psy-op has been offered to the public as different compared to the other psy-ops (like HIV, measles or pertussis) is that pro-v*ccine doctors and other Big Pharma tentacles are speaking out against the product that is being pushed on the public, but, unfortunately, they are not noticing that no one has defined the word unvaccinated.

People who are speaking about the "unvaccinat*d"  need to define the word "unvac*inated," since it seems to be making its rounds in the news again.  As I have said before, during the measles and the pertussis psy-ops, the word "unvacc*nated" meant a person who had not had the MMR or the TDaP. But no one ever defines it, so it is not very clear. Does unvaccinated in the covid era mean that they have not received the c shot but they could have received others?

Let us start by changing the word to non-vaccin*ted. A non-v*ccinated person is a person who has never had a v*ccine. Next, we need to know if this person who is being talked about on the news who is supposably experiencing an illness lives with anyone who has received the c shot and v*ccines, and the vaccin*s need to be named.  You see, military/scientist/government people have been working on engineering weapons that can be injected into people for decades.  I would even go as far as to say centuries. Since blood banks do not track which individuals had which v*ccines, it needs to be noted if this so-called "unv*ccinated" person has ever had a blood transfusion.

Another word that needs to be defined is the word anti-v*xxer.  The news throws this word aound like crazy and there is a lot of misunderstanding that accompanies it. The anti- vaxxer is usually a concerned person who does not want to have a pharmaceutical injected into him or her or their children or animals because they have done research, because they have experienced firsthand how dangerous they are, or both.

The fact that this group researches brings up another word that needs to be defined, the virus.
Too many people are unaware that engineered viruses are weapons that have been tweaked in a lab that utilize the viruses from animal tissues. Those viruses, in the animal tissues, need to be defined, as well. Scientists nowadays are calling these viruses within tissues exosomes. They are a natural product from our immune system. They occur when a cell has become imbalanced. It fights to regain balance and the exosome or virus is the byproduct. There are all kinds of different viruses and different genetic information that acts as a blueprint of what a particular human body or animal has experienced. Most pro-vaxx doctors and scientists do not acknowledge the exosome, because it is too contrary to their Big Pharma training. Most anti-vaxx MDs are anti-vaxx because they do acknowledge the exosome, as well as the engineered virus and they lean towards not believing in the contagious virus theory.

A very important definition around the natural, wild virus is: Is it contagious or not? Most provaxx doctors and scientists will say yes, and there are many anti-vax scientists and doctors who will say no. But since what every single human alive today has been taught about the virus goes against what it quite possibly really is, there are very few people who have even heard that a virus is not contagious. In fact, most of the public out there think that it is alive! So, truly the virus needs to be defined very carefully if true honest journalism is to take place. People need to recognize that not all scientists and doctors are in agreement about those definitions. And in fact the public deserves to know who sponsors the scientists and doctors who are speaking to them.

It is even important to define the covid era "pandemic" itself. Many people do not realize that the for-profit corporation known as the CDC informed doctors to label "the covid" if they just assumed it so. That is not the way doctors are supposed to diagnose something. It also needs to be remembered that hospitals were given financial incentives for diagnosing "the covid" and especially for prescribing the ventilator.

So this brings us to apparently how the news has been informing the world over that this is becoming a "pandemic of the unvaccinated." First of all, have there never been any sick people ever in the world? Secondly, where are these people who are so sick? Next, are we wed to the trend of blaming each other for everything because we have not had a certain pharmaceutical as if mankind was not able to get to this point without all those pharmaceuticals before? And lastly, of course, all the definitions that I just went through need to be addressed.

Now, swing back to the discussion on the virus, I would like to see proof of their claim that they have isolated anything. All genetic material aside (because they are scientists who are deciding what that genetic material is and not all scientists agree), where is an actual isolate? They could find what has been engineered and is inside people. Are they finding that and not coming clean about it? And how trustworthy is what they are calling the test? First they have to find something floating around in the air that is wild and natural and then they have to find that inside somebody.

I will just let Clint Richardson, Dr. David Martin, and Leonard Horowitz speak for me in conclusion, because they can walk us through the decades of the planning that got us to the covid era of confusion.]

9/3/21 added Satanists move goal posts as they please. Truly, a non-vaxxed person has NEVER received one injection, nor a blood transfusion. That's the ONLY definition.

3/24/22 added

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