Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Eta Variant


[According to a blurry meme that I received from someone, the scripts say they will publicize the Eta Variant in September 2021. I searched a few of these from the charts and saw their Wikipedia pages so also have posted a screen shot of the Eta’s Wiki-page.  Are these engineered weapons good to go, ready to be inserted into Flu shots and new batches of the c shot?  Can they actually harvest them from the dead or alive human and show they are within their bodies as one could with a certain weapon within the HPV? (Of course, all the videos discussing autopsies on brains of HPV victims have been scrapped from YouTube, but the proof is still out there.) Or are they simply going to use the new PCR to inform a human that they have acquired the Eta Variant as they have been doing since apparently December 2020?  Have they been placing these lab-made variants in certain lot numbers of Flu shots and the c shots all along?  They “get off” on their experiments on humanity.  If they can see a certain area responded nicely to a certain attack, then that was a success.  Is the whole “variant” meme simply to scare the silly humans (who believe a virus can be contagious) into compliance, or is their an engineered marker behind them that was delivered to humanity?  But the main question still is, Are they searching for something lab-made, or is their new test the same as the old as in that it searches for no isolate and they simply spin it too many times?]


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