Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Training Humanity


[During the brief reprieve (2021) that the masters gave to the silly humans of Los Angeles County, the ones not wearing masks were the ones who never did.  I asked a few shoppers and my mom asked many about the covering of their faces.  Most answers were along the lines of being used to it now.  That was absolutely shocking to me.  It had been about sixteen months of training at the time and people had become used to blocking two holes in their heads from gaining access to oxygen.  (AI & Draco alike “get off” on these humans, and gain from the programmability of the human.) 

The very first day of the “wear a mask or else” order, I went to a store and again…still…was the only one without one.  I was served and even had several conversations (small talk) with the workers who at least did not seem to fear me.  My conclusion is that it does not matter whether the masters give an order to wear them or allow people to show their faces, the trained group will always wear it and in fact feel all wrong if they do not, and the other group, the control group, will consistently not wear it.  You have either given Power away, or you have not.  (I can relate it to Power because not one person I know personally who NEEDS their mask now, or feels naked without it, went with a mask prior to being told to do so. In 2019, for example.)

I finally think it time to discuss something.  I am writing an 1860’s historical fiction.  Women used to have a slit in their bloomers.  It was easier with all the petticoats and dress…well, I will spare you the details…but my point is that women used to have air being able to gain access to certain holes of the body if it wanted access.  Health problems were most likely kept to a minimum due to this.  (And that the v*ccination program had not become the weapon it is now; although, to some during this time, one was too many, sadly.)

How long did it take for women to become convinced to wear underwear that blocked everything?  (Yes, I am aware some women do not wear underwear because they were not convinced to cover these two holes.)  But how long did it take to program the public into thinking this is normal?  I bet it occurred within sixteen months, possibly less than a year. 

First, women were convinced to raise the hem of their skirts because they were convinced that they were contributing to the tuberculosis epidemic by constantly brushing that pathogen up into the air.  (I, of course, would not doubt that a poor microzymas was purposefully convinced to become that bacterium and released on the public time and again.  Remember, even of the technology we knew they had, the air balloon was around, but what technology did the masters have that we do not know about?) Anyway, so women were convinced to start raising the hem.  Well, by 1920, just look how high that hem went and by 1970, woo-wee!  With all this hem raising, it made it quite easy to convince women that that slit in the bloomers was no longer necessary.  (Or appropriate.)  Relieving oneself is not the operation it once was because now women do not need to battle yards of material.  Bam.  It was that easy to get those holes covered, to stop air’s circulation, and to assist a host of medical/health problems.  (Except for the few holdouts.)

Everything they do to us now, they have done before.  It goes back to the Puppeteers, the ones skilled at tweaking new life and then, destroying it.  They are as a bad-tempered child who destroys a toy and gets a new one.  You are an amateur if you are just awakening to their games. Know that this covering of holes in order to adversely effect health is an old game to them.  Yes, masking a face is a ritual a master does to a slave, and it is related to Satanic practices, but on a lighter note, it is a bully convincing you that your god was wrong to leave those holes there.

The training of humanity cannot happen without your permission.  At the very least, you do not know a simple thing about natural, wild viruses within you (now called exosomes) that are not contagious.  At the most, you have not been able to rise above the implants with which they have tweaked you.  What training is next?  Will the Eta Variant get you if the yin meridians of your wrists are not held together?  Can the virus jump in if wrists are exposed to the air?  You better have a loved one tie your hands together and get used to operating from this position because if you do not, you will die!  You think I am ridiculous?  They have already prepared the fear-weapon they will use on you next unless they have decided to go for the “rape” factor where they get-off on having physical power over you.  It all depends how far they wish to take the training of humanity before they destroy it. Said a better way, it all depends on you and how far you wish to take the training of humanity.]

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On PCR https://www.bitchute.com/video/aEdepAEwQ14n/

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