Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Variant


[In order to state a variant of something exists, it is first necessary to have the original.  If your controllers are informing you that there is a variant to “c*vid,” then that implies they have isolated an original.  Was the original a natural, wild virus from tissues that cannot be transmitted to another (now called the exosome), or engineered from that said “exosome” to make a weapon to be injected, or what?  The original needs to be proven first, prior to the declaration of variants.  (And I have sent many letters to many directors of health departments and to California’s governor asking for this proof to no replies.)

In 2020, the world over—even with all the extra suicides and hotspots of 5G turned on momentarily here and there to interfere with hemoglobin’s uptake of oxygen, even with some of the prior flu shots of 2019 being laced with their engineered HIV, engineered SARS, and engineered MRS—deaths were no higher, and were in fact lower, compared to previous years.  This year, many started receiving the bot & clot shot (the c shot) and deaths have risen.  Could the shot be the pandemic as we, those who are aware of gain of function and the weapon known as Germ Theory, have stated would be numerous times?  Regardless, let us take a journey examining the variant.

First, the news was used to disseminate fear.  This is the original “vi*us,” propaganda, that is still with us.  Second, doctors were informed by the CDC to diagnose as c*vid” if it was assumed and hospital personal feared consequences such as losing their jobs if truths were told about few patients being hospitalized.  Also, they feared informing others about how those diagnosed with “c*vid” were wrongly intubated to bring in money for hospitals.  One nurse informed me the hospital where she works never raised so much money in a year.  This variant continued because of the next variant.  The PCR process.

The PCR process, which its inventor stated is not a test, was used to diagnose “c*vid” like it was used to diagnose HIV, another supposed natural, wild virus that was never proven to be there.  Genetic material from a history of cells seeking balance and leaving a non-contagious byproduct were spun.  Controllers of areas could have that genetic material spun many or few times, depending on if they wanted to make a positive diagnosis or not.  Was there an athlete not wanted to be a participant in an event?  Is there an area where many are saying no to the bot & clot shot?  Is there a school district needed to serve as the first fully vaxxed district?  Needs will dictate which way things are to go with this so-called test that does not isolate a vir*s. Next, perhaps groups of refusers of the c shot are being forced to have the swab shoved up their noses on a weekly basis because they are sick of spitting into a vial.  Graphene and other goodies may be introduced to that population via the swab.  This is yet another “variant” that may be drawn on.

Further, all along, masks were introduced as protection and the controllers could decide on graphene or any other engineered weapon to be placed on the disposable ones.  This makes another variant.  Double pneumonia could come to some mask-wearers and be called the original c*vid, or the variant, depending on which narrative was important at the time.  Other problems may ensue from lack of oxygen and yet others from too much carbon dioxide being inhaled.  Masks are the gift that keeps on giving where variants can be concerned.

Lastly, the c shot itself is a distributer of dis-easement. Walla, another variant.  No true vac*ine has ever been proven safe, effective, or necessary.  There has never been a control group that remained on pure saline and was followed for at least twenty years.  Germ Theory has never been proven true so how can a pharmaceutical such as this be called necessary? Many non-vaxxed humans have not been acknowledged, so this natural control group has been ignored, yet they are healthy without the pharmaceuticals perhaps proving they are not necessary.  The arguments go on, but Big Pharma has the money to supply propaganda to scare you into complying, so I will leave it to you to search for yourself.  (I have been looking for proof that they are safe, effective, and necessary since at least 1987.  I raised a child to adulthood without them in California and got said child through public schools and college without them.  If they were necessary, with life experience as well as research, I should have found proof of it.)

To state anything about this covid era, the control group needs to be considered.  Did those not following any CDC or government protocol get c*vid or any variant?  What did they do?  Where have they travelled?  What didn’t they do?  Have people in their reach gotten sick?  If so, with what?  And does “got sick” mean those people around those in the control group had a flu or c shot?

The criminals-that-believe-they-be will not recognize the control group.  They never officially made one.  They did not allow one.  How come?  How come individuals knew to take it upon themselves to be in the control group, to make a control group? 

Were you aware the cov*d era is an experiment on humanity?  Granted, those of us in the control group not only knew these things (constant forehead temperature-taking, mask-wearing, swab up nose testing, distancing from humans, excessive hand washing and a so-called experimental pharmaceutical) had never been done excessively on humans, so thus were an “experiment” on humanity, we knew the desired outcome of the 1 % dElete.

So, before you become all sleepy by the delta variant, perhaps you want to experience an esoteric acupuncture treatment or wear a Universal Shield and perhaps rise above the implant possibly in your Mental body and…snap out of it.

At the very least, perhaps stop watching news that is obviously scripted mind-control programming.

Instead of accepting that they are telling you their original has changed, how about you become the variant to your former self.  Start to critically think.  Take these gods off their pedestals.  Read their scripts.  Read books from 1890 to 1930 to see the slow implementation of the weapon Western Medicine.  Do not accept censorship.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!]


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