Saturday, July 24, 2021

You Reap What You Sow

[Chances are that you have heard the saying "You reap what you sow" and you've probably even said it a few times. To me what that means is my pharmaceutical history, yes what I've had injected and what I have taken orally, the food choices that I've made, the exercising or lack of, choices that I've made in general, and so many other factors figure in to what I am experiencing right now.

I decided long ago that I am responsible for myself. So even if I'm around vaccine shedders or geoengineering and all their crap raining down on me from the sky and all the Wi-Fi that's even at the beach now and other EMFs that are around me, I do the best I can and I work on not allowing things that I don't want to adversely affect me to adversely affect me.

Though I can suggest that people put away their EMF-transmitting devices and not get vaccines, it's none of my business whether they do or don't. Right now I have neighbors on either side of me that have SMART meters when I don't. But I know the 1%'s level of spying and other things that can happen because of what my neighbors have on their houses so I just have to find another way to make sure I'm protected.

Being responsible 24/7 is a huge responsibility. It's so much easier to say that if I get sick, it's your fault. But let me ask you, does even half of what you are being told about your health make sense? Does it feel right and safe and cozy to you living with the idea that your health depends on what I do and the choices that I make? From my point of view, this is what being a victim is. It's being scared all the time of every little thing because there's so many things out there that could hurt me and I am not responsible for any of it.

All I'm trying to gently suggest to you is that if your friend is putting you in a perpetual state of fear, is your friend doing something from Love? And if that friend is not doing it from Love, are they even benefiting by having you in a perpetual state of fear? See, the relationship that you have with Big Pharma and your government reminds me very much of an abusive partner. All I'm doing is inviting you to step back and take a look at it. Does it feel good to believe that your health depends on whether I get an injection or wear a mask? And since we've had 17 months of me not wearing a mask and not getting an injection, has that hurt you? If yes, then I would like to ask you how much longer do I have to be healthy and happy and centered until it's enough time to prove to you that I'm not going to hurt you?

Lastly, if you are in a perpetual state of fear because of what all those like me are doing, what is that going to do for you? What will you be reaping?]

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