Sunday, July 18, 2021

Why Is God Allowing This to Happen?


[The next time a cell of yours goes out of balance and it tries to balance itself and it makes a byproduct which you have been taught is called a "v*rus," and that is now in your system to react with what you had injected within you...

And you're looking around and seeing everyone else having what's natural within them reacting with what they had injected into themselves, and you're in shock because they're all dropping dead...

You'll look up to your God and will ask, "Why? Why are You allowing this to happen?" when you are the one who chose to trust commercialized scientists and their "savior" products.

I want you to know that maybe your God sent people like me to warn you about the Puppeteers' Agenda.

I've been on FB since 2015 trying to warn you about what's coming, because FB is where I found those who handed their children up to commercialized scientists allowing them to inject anything they wanted into them.

I've been trying to let you know that what they taught you isn't the way it really is. "Safe, effective, and necessary," isn't so.

They have scripts for anyone to see. Within the next two years, there really should be no surprises to you. (But we can turn this around and surprise them!)

There are independent scientists who have been trying to let people know about what the "v*rus" is all along, but you continue to worship the commercialized scientist.

I keep on telling you that just like there's the Judicial District that was hidden by the District of Columbia, and just like how I keep proving to you that both districts are there, all you choose to see is the District of Columbia because you were taught on TV and in school this is the way it is.

A surprise is coming. Either those who allowed themselves to be injected with graphene and other technology are in for a shock or light-bearers will succeed, and the Puppeteers will be in for the shock.

Are you ready to turn off the TV, yet?

Are you ready to tune in to Truth, yet?

Yes? Then, go anchor the light! Hwa. Find community within you, as well as around you. Your body could be amazing if you'd stop poisoning it.

Bright Day Thoughts.

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