Wednesday, July 21, 2021

All Discrimination is Fear

[All discrimination is fear.  It doesn't matter whether you fear a person because their skin color or their religion is different to yours or their bank account has less numbers than yours has or their medical records are different than yours. If you fear someone and then you have an ultimatum for them because of that fear, that is discrimination.

Fancy telling someone they are not welcome to stay in your house because they're black and you are white. Fancy having someone that you will not allow in your house because they are Muslim and you are Christian. Fancy not allowing a poor friend of yours in your house because you are a multi-millionaire. 

Well, how come it's okay for people to say, "You're not welcome in my house if you don't show me your vaccination card"?  If your vaccine is so amazing...even if we're talking about the c shot which isn't a vaccine...then why do you care whether somebody had a pharmaceutical put into their bloodstream or not? 

Are you admitting that the pharmaceutical in your bloodstream isn't effective and it only works if people in your environment had the same pharmaceutical put into their bloodstream? If that's the case, then perhaps there's commercialized science involved and that's why you're so afraid.

Even if you are non-educated and you don't realize that Germ Theory is a theory and you don't realize how starting around 1890 (at the latest) they started pushing ideas for it so that they could get the subliminal of Western Medicine, the religion of Western Medicine to be a driving force for them to bring on the Agenda, it is still discrimination to say that someone has to do something in order to be accepted or admitted into a situation. Let me remind you that all through history when people were discriminating against certain groups, they always had an excuse for their fear. If you are shaking in your boots because you're afraid that you can't know health unless I have a pharmaceutical put in my bloodstream, that is a great opportunity for you to be self-reflective.

No one is responsible for your health or your lack of health but you. So recognize that you've got one foot firmly in the Piscean Age of fear because that's exactly where your controllers want you to be.

How can you embrace "Critical Race Theory" and be a discriminator yourself? I can tell you how. Your controllers invented it and they also invented your fear.

But sorry, not sorry. If you are not letting someone into your home because you fear the pharmaceuticals they've had or not had, then you are discriminating. This goes for those of you who are fearing people who have had the c shot, too. You are 100% responsible for your terrain. Raise your frequency and nothing that the criminals made in a lab can be transferred to harm you. 

Anything and everything they do that goes against Natural Law can get them in trouble if you hold them accountable.  Do not be in fear of their weapons.  They have made it known that they have worked on transmitting their weapons to do just that: to get the guy who saw through the c*vid lies into fear mode. 

There's even plenty of physical proof of the making of the c*vid era, but the physical courts in the District of Columbia are run by the controllers. If you want to see change, how about starting with Truth?]

July 22, 2021 added

[Dear those who think you understand science, but you understand commercialized science, which is a religion. 

In science, if an experiment is going to happen to a group that has never happened before, the only way you can definitively know that all of these things that you're doing have any merit is if you have a control group. Then you see that something happened to that control group because they didn't have all these things that you're doing, or not.

Well, there were a whole bunch of us who took it upon ourselves to become the control group because your controllers never made a control group and we saw the need for it. 

You cannot say definitively that wearing masks do anything positive for you. You cannot say definitively that there is something wild floating around in the air that hurts people unless you take some action. You cannot say definitively that having your temperature taken at your forehead every single day isn't harmful to you. You can't say definitively that having a swab shoved up your nose is healthy and good for you. You can't say anything definitively unless you look at the control group and see how they are doing without all of these things that you are being told to do.

You see, the control group is not an asymptomatic carrier of something scary until it is proven to be so. 

The control group are healthy people who are living a healthy lifestyle and are not having any problems. They have proven for 17 months that wearing a mask isn't necessary. They've proven for 17 months that having your temperature taken every single day isn't necessary. They've proven for 17 months that distancing themselves from humans wasn't necessary. They've proven that they haven't needed to have a swab shoved up their nose to tell them whether they're healthy or not for 17 months.

Now, let's see in 20 years which group is still standing. 

And to do that, you need the control group. If you believe in science so much, leave the control group alone!

You cannot force them to do any of the experiments that you're participating in or you have no idea what the supposed germ would have done to society to not have done all these things.]

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