Sunday, June 21, 2020

If Béchamp Had Not Been Ignored


[Germ Theory sells vaccines and drugs, which profits Big Pharma, making the 1% happy by keeping humans off balance and ill.  The covid meme could never have seized the public without the indoctrination of Germ Theory.  This covid “test” has a motive, whether it is simply to force humanity to test daily so as to make money and give the 1% power over humanity, or to covertly infect humanity with a micro-bioweapon. The 1% have been given this power through the hold that Germ Theory has on the masses to such an extent that the byproduct that comes from an imbalanced cell attempting to balance itself, the virus, has been thrown in with all the other boogeyman pathogens, thus the covid meme.  If Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908) had not been ignored, this never could have happened because his students would have said that a virus is not alive and did not come from a microzyma, a building block (of sorts) for life.

The paw-paw tested positive for covid-19.  Well, since that does not disturb the masses, let us look at what Béchamp (known as the Father of Terrain Theory who was plagiarized badly by Pasteur) has said about the microzyma.  Microzymas are the tiny organisms Béchamp noticed within cells, but Charles Robins, in 1858, mentioned them without understanding their function or status.  Béchamp figured out that microzymas are actually the living remains of plants and animals after those outer bodies have died.  He also found different stages of the formation of bacteria from the microzymas themselves when conditions changed to make it favorable to do so.  The paw-paw, you, and I all have microzymas that have potential to become various bacteria if the internal terrain signals such!  But yes, you cannot test a paw-paw for something specific such as covid-19 when that was a psy-op caused by Fifth Generation and sixty gigahertz here, vaccine biowarfare there, murdering healthy people with ventilators here and faking death certificates there, as well as byproducts (viruses) from the paw-paw’s cells being natural and its own business if they can even be found. If Béchamp had not been ignored, this never could have happened, because his followers would have said that a virus is not alive and did not come from a microzyma.

Consistently through history, visionaries who can support humanity have been “taken out” and we have been left with limiting ideas taught in Formal Education.  Iréne Hillel-Erlanger (1878-1920) comes to mind on that long list.  She was a writer and alchemist who was murdered (some sources say TB, others food poisoning) with the premiere of a book that no doubt gave instructions of turning items to gold.  Today, we can assume that it was simply those who dealt with gold (not wanting it to become common place) so murdered her and burned her books, but it could just as easily have been to stop us from making the leap in thinking we can transmute dis-ease into health.  Perhaps she revealed truths in that book that could have nudged us into remembering how to keep what Béchamp called microzymas as just that, or how to return pathological bacteria back to microzymas.  Professor Estor and Joseph Béchamp, two in support of furthering Béchamp’s work, conveniently died, leaving Béchamp alone in his work while Pasteur was being pushed by the 1% to dominate the masses’ thinking.

Microzymas are individuals and there is no reason that because one human, plant, or animal has a certain bacterium that any other, even of the same species, should get it.  You are able to take bacteria back to the microzyma state.  Long after you are dead and gone, those microzymas will continue.  They are the ever-ready bunny and they are here to behave how their environment allows them to behave.  If they are a raging bacterial disease and that kills, the bacteria will revert back to microzymas in their new environment.  It is magical.  It is alchemical.

If Béchamp had not been ignored, nothing the news informs the masses, nothing the 1% says, could have tricked the public into the submission of Plandemic 2020.  Humans were groomed for this moment.  We would not line up to be injected with AI, we would not allow nanobots to fall from our skies, we would not allow the manipulation of weather and of us if we connected with our Power, the Power that Béchamp tried to show us.

You would not be wearing a mask, fearing human contact, locked away from social activities if Béchamp had not been ignored!]

Iréne Hillel-Erlanger

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