Thursday, June 4, 2020

No Human Lives Matter to the One Percent

[Dear Sitting Ducks,

I am writing to remind you that to the 1% and company, no human lives matter.

If you have terms, they can give you what you want. Why?  Because as far as they're concerned, you're not going to be around too much longer.  It’s a sick kind of “turn on” to watch you gloat and praise yourselves when they know they are the cat allowing the mouse to think it has gotten away. 

When they have a huge group of you together, they can release something on you that the survivors of the world will see as covid-19, because that's what the news will report.

When they have a whole bunch of you together, they may use that as an excuse to bring in the military and get all heavy-handed so that they can implement all their enslavement of humanity through ID 2020 and what have you.

Now, if you had come out of your homes on March 14th and had refused to be held as locked down prisoners and slaves, you would have blown them away.

You would have thrown them for a loop. They would have said, “Holy smokes! What the hell are these humans doing?  We didn't know they could think! We didn't know they could see through us. Wow!  We told them everything we were going to do, and they actually figured it out!  We were telling them what our plans were for humanity because we have to by Universal Law, but they broke free of the programming and figured it out!”  The 1 % would have had to revisit the chalkboard. 

I guess because I'm the one who knew Bruce Willis was a ghost in The Sixth Sense from the beginning and I knew by page 27 of a “who dunn it” book the "bad guy" was so-en-so (because the author wouldn't have just told me that one sentence unless the whole story fell apart without it), and I knew who all these trusted individuals were within movies that ended up being the "bad guys" that that's why I can see the bad guy now.

Step out of your emotions for a second.  Step out of yourself for a second and look at what's going on. Take in the whole Plandemic 2020 because you are not out of it, yet. As it is, whatever they're going to do to us, is what they've already planned to do to us.

What you're doing is what they already planned to have you do. You guys are marionettes.  Heavy sigh.

Guys, a worthy opponent would be someone who could challenge them, someone who could do something they're not expecting…Someone who can think…Someone who can see through their disguise…Someone who can see through their lies.

Individuals of the cattle getting led to the slaughter are not proving to the 1% and company that their human lives matter!

Bright Day Thoughts,

Paget Anne of Essendon, living man

PS. Now, go. Anchor the Light. Hwa!]

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