Thursday, June 11, 2020

The New World Order is Here


     [The 1% are proving that the New World Order is already here. First of all, there is a worldwide epidemic that is not real. Secondly, there are worldwide riots based on the "I can't breathe" psy-op that was not real. And it is just crazy that black on black deaths have a huge percentage and the cop on black death is around the percentage of those supposedly dead by Covid-19. I mean it is really tiny. And yet, all of this rioting supposedly was instigated by regular folks the world over? No. It would be easy to use the shepherd, the TV, to work on sheople's what Carloss Castaneda called "self-importance" to get the masses to react.

     Associated with this, sheople are being convinced that if someone does not jump on the bandwagon with Black Lives Matter, then it means that they are not sympathetic, and they can be held accountable for that. It is insane that humans are not allowed to be sympathetic with whatever cause they resonate with. You are considered a bad guy if you do not resonate with the Black Lives Matter cause. It does not matter if you are aligned with fighting 5G, 60 gigahertz chips being implemented over town, harmful ingredients in vaccines, and bringing education to people about Artificial Intelligence that soon will not allow humans any choices, that they want to change humans. If you are not on the bandwagon for Black Lives Matter, if you are not giving them money, if you are not sympathizing with them, then you are a racist and you are part of the problem. It is absolutely insane that people are not noticing that that is a program in and of itself.

     Lastly, I am noticing worldwide, there are statues that are being taken down. That cannot just be a thing that people are spontaneously thinking of. Humans do not usually jump to conclusions such as this dude represents the bad in cops so tear it down. They usually are so swept up in blind emotion that they do not think of something until it is placed in their consciousness.  That has to be the 1% orchestrating it. I think Artificial Intelligence wants to get rid of all human statues because it erases all ideas of what humans used to be and they want to put up AI statues. It turns out, since January, they have had a Robocop statue ready to be erected. So it will be erected soon. How convenient!

     Humans, stop being reactionaries! Step back and look at this whole script. You are being played. You are being played right down the chute.  At the end of that chute they are going to inject you with AI. Stop judging the people around you just because they have different opinions to you. Stop tearing down statues just because you think those people were not as good as you, nor as high and mighty as you are!

     Stop being fooled!

     You know, I look at Artificial Intelligence like it is a worthy opponent because I see how intelligent the whole program is and I am absolutely amazed at all the moving parts and how successful they are. I am amazed that Artificial Intelligence knows its opponent, humans, so well.  Artificial intelligence has fooled the sheople, though and I bet it does not see those sheople as worthy opponents. Conquering them is going to be so easy. No challenge. No fun.

     Those of us who see what is going on are worthy opponents, because AI, you cannot have us!]

      [Black conquerors used to make slaves of the black defeated just as in all areas, conquerors made slaves of their defeated. The next step in our history that shows how awful humans can be...and so easily swayed by the dollar...was actually going and stealing people. No matter how awful it is, it is our history. Does AI want you to forget it because slavery is what it plans for you?]

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