Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Control of the Covid-Farceicle

[Dear News Watcher Who Hangs onto the 1%'s Every Word,
The CDC gave medical doctors the go-ahead to label anything they want as covid-19 if they assume it is so. So first of all, whether someone has or doesn't have it, they can say they have it or they can say they don't have it. So they can toy with your emotions because they get to be in control of what is diagnosed covid-19 and what isn't.
Secondly, the news is going to let you know what they want you to know. So they could be putting 60 gigahertz chips all over the place and 5G all over the place and they get to turn it on and turn it off as they see fit. And then when people have a reaction to that, they get to choose what they are diagnosing. And I can guarantee you they're not going to say EMF poisoning, etc.
Next, they could be turning on 5G for all we know. The military functions it can perform are many, some not too bad on our bodies in short doses, some fatal if they want. One of its qualities is that it can do "Voice of God." So it can make people think anything the 1% want them to think just like the TV can. They can turn it to a certain level that makes everybody in its path go into a frenzy. 5G is a weapon that can be used how they want to use it. If they want to turn it up so that oxygen-uptake is made impossible, then they can do that. And then they can say that you've got covid-19 if they want to.
Lastly, they are planning something for you. They've got you so mixed up by telling you wear a mask, don't wear a mask, covid numbers are high, covid numbers are low, a healthy person is asymptomatic and can get you sick, and then they tell you nope, an asymptomatic person can't make you sick.
When people do start dropping, there's going to be confusion and they're going to be loving it!
Do not listen to the news. They have already told you their plans and the news is going to confuse the survivors. Just open your eyes. What do you see going on around you? This last time, I didn't see any sick people. I only saw frightened people. I only saw slaves wearing masks, which is what people who think they are masters of others have been forcing slaves to do through-out history. (Oh, don't get me wrong. People like me who didn't wear a mask in general are also slaves in their eyes.) I saw no ill people. I only saw people frightened of the very air they breathe, of human contact, and of cash. I saw the grooming of AI.]

[This is worth the 21 minutes.

Make no mistake, Communism has been here a long time. 
The 1% would be the ones truly in charge of all groups such as these.  AI wants to come in and take over.]

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