Thursday, June 4, 2020

Young Pharaoh

          I want to leave a link to an entertaining video put out by Young Pharaoh.  He hits on the truth of what is happening pretty well.  I am an anarchist, if I have to label myself any political view, because I think government equates to a bunch of self-absorbed gangsters out for self-profit with a legal license to rape, kill, or destroy as they see fit.  I offer the present example of Pandemic 2020 as proof.  

            In this video (below), Young Pharaoh indicates the times that the Soros-funded trouble-makers paint the “A” in the communities, but hasn’t caught on to how this itself is a subliminal against harmony-community-minded sorts such as myself.  You see, a true anarchist does not need to be parented nor protected by an infiltrated force such as the police.  The wind blows your car door out of your hand and the door smashes into another car and you come clean about it.  You pay if damage has been done.  We do not need legislation to dictate to us that we should be punished if we do not own up.  Natural Law will bring an even more powerful “door” smashing into our car if we energetically put it out there that it is okay with us through silence and lack of owning up.  

             My point is, Soros-funded (and believe me, we could just as easily say the 1% and company) bullies are not leaving that mark to show how they are against government.  They are planting in your mind that people who claim to be anarchists behave like ruffians and rogues and want to destroy your homeland when we are the ones who can save you and your land.

          Long ago, Abraham Lincoln was the Republican much like how we in the 1980’s viewed Democrats.  (And even longer ago, Andrew Jackson was a Democrat who I used to see as the Republicans from the 1980's.) At any rate, I did not know there was a group of black Texas Republicans that came two years after Abe’s death.  It seems now it is the Democrats turn to play “bad cop” with the likes of Hilary and others who are allegedly behaving in very non-human sorts of ways.  Honestly, both sides are on one coin and it is held by the nastiest of the nasties even if they incarnate as a human here and there.

          I do think there are innocent Freemasons just like there are innocent Qabbalaists, but yes, the 1% kill and unfold their agenda by the numbers and through ritual.  Yes, pawns are told to murder a loved one to prove loyalty and to serve the cause, so his brief visit to another death made to happen could be accurate.  (I say could because I know very little about things in the news so have not investigated much.)  But know that there is an innocent, untainted side to the groups that have also been infiltrated by Dark.

          I have only seen roughly two hours of this so far, and yes, Young Pharaoh has some very unpleasant choices of words here and there, but over all, he made me laugh with the resonance of the frustration that I too feel over those around me being so asleep and hoodwinked!  We truly are establishing two Earths right now.  Our experiences will be very different as they already are through our responses to things we hear going on around us.

          I hope you enjoy this report on the rioting aspect of Plandemic 2020.

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