Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brown Boldly Displaces Parental Rights

Governor Brown signed AB 499 into law in October 2011.  At that time, he decided that twelve-year-olds were old enough to decide what is best for them medically.  This law states that these youngsters no longer have to get permission from parents regarding STD treatment and prevention.  On June 30, 2015, Brown decided that the California government is to decide on the medical procedure of vaccinating children, overriding parents’ choices and decisions.  Odd how people chant praise for Brown in forcing kids to be vaccinated because they fear unvaccinated kids may make their kids sick, yet they don’t chant for him to ban aspartame and MSG, neuro-toxins, and they don’t ask for fast food restaurant ice to be checked for high bacterial levels.  These things WILL harm their kids.  These sheople do no research whatsoever.  They just lap up the mainstream media’s news gaining pseudo-intelligence.  Wake up.  Brown’s laws have one goal in common: to take away your right to parent your children.  This method was tried before.  Remember Carlisle?  It was an “Indian” school where Native children, who were legally stolen from their parents, were stripped of anything related to their culture.  In 2008, I met an elderly Cheyenne man.  I spoke Cheyenne better than him and I am by no means fluent.  I feel so saddened by the success of Carlisle, that I can’t even tell you.  This is happening to us now.  Governments of the world don’t want us parenting our kids.  They’ve got video games and televisions firmly in place…and laws saying they get to decide on medical procedures...not parents.



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