Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mr. Chaplin's Tirade on Vaccines

Arthur Chaplin recently went off with verbal diarrhea at Jim Carrey, because Mr. Carrey spoke his mind about SB 277, California’s new law exempting non-special education kids from public schools if they are not vaccinated.  Mr. Chaplin also resorts to name calling the anti-vaxxers, making himself look extremely ignorant.  What it’s actually showing us is that the propaganda campaign to discredit true researchers, who actually pay attention to the research on vaccines more than those who are pro-vaccination, is still in full swing.  They can’t even succeed in  stripping citizens of their rights without gloating.

It’s interesting that the first line in Mr. Chaplin’s article talks about the Disneyland measles (and few cases since) as an epidemic when the true epidemic is autism in this country.  Being completely misleading, Chaplin makes it sound like SB 277 went to the vote when he says that “Californians” rejected the personal beliefs exemption.  It was actually a bunch of politicians.  As far as proof that the ingredients are safe and that the vaccination schedule has been proven effective, there is no proof.  Also, the vaccination schedule keeps changing along with a lot of the vaccines.   There are thousands of families in West Virginia and in Mississippi that do want choice where vaccinations are concerned.  Many are speaking out being the voices for their vaccine injured children.  Just because legislation is set, doesn’t mean people agree with it.  Mississippi  Parents for Vaccine Rights is waiting for your Like on Facebook, Mr. Chaplin.

 Mr. Chaplin does have a point about the use of liberty sometimes placing others at risk.  Sometimes, when  someone gets a vaccination, they are exposing people to the disease of the vaccination which is sloughing off the newly vaccinated person.  That is putting healthy, innocent people at risk.  Mr. Chaplin, in his ignorance,  actually said the opposite.  He said that “liberty has to yield when using it puts others at risk,” but he was talking about parents who, in choosing not to vaccinate, endanger the lives of others.  Mr. Chaplin wants to get ridiculous, ok, let’s get ridiculous.  Each time we freely drive our cars and light up cigarettes, we place others in danger by ruining the air quality.  Each time we clean waste water with chlorine and don’t get rid of the chlorine before sending it into people’s homes, we place them at risk.  We can probably go on and on about how each of us takes liberties with doing what we want when it harms others, even ourselves.  Is being human in the 21st Century to be outlawed?

As for being critical of Carrey’s language, rather than seeing where he’s coming from, let’s make a statement to Mr. Chaplin.  If the governor was to sign it into law that you HAD TO have the medical procedure to remove your appendix, tonsils, and testicles, perhaps you would feel that your government was a very harsh, controlling authority, too.   Mr. Chaplin can’t see what Carrey was saying because Brown signed something into law that supports his own fear.  Brown has imposed his will on the people by decree.  That is a truth.   

Mr. Chaplin, democracy is one man one vote.  The US is a Republic.  It’s time you, sir, do your research!

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