Saturday, July 25, 2015

Death by Doctor or Coincidence?

A baby receives vaccinations, goes home from the doctor’s, and either dies or has brain damage for the rest of his or her life.  It’s called a coincidence.  For at least thirty years, it’s been called a coincidence.  The news doesn’t investigate.  You’d think people out for a scoop would investigate how many babies don’t go to a doctor and in fact are unvaccinated and die of SIDS.  I’m guessing the number is extremely low.  Perhaps one baby a year just suddenly dying for no reason, if even that.

What would happen if a person returned home from a homeopath’s, acupuncturist’s, or other natural practitioner’s office and died?  Would that, initially, be seen as a coincidence, too?  Most likely, that night, it would be on the news all over the country.  “Man dies immediately after acupuncture.”  “Baby dies immediately after receiving Homeopathic DTaP.  News at eleven.”  No-one would wait for the autopsy report.  No-one would wait for the court’s verdict.  Legislators would cry foul and try to get all natural health modalities outlawed.  Why?...Because it would be a win for Big Pharma.

Why do people accept death by western medical doctors so easily?  Why can’t people believe that toxins injected into the bloodstream of a sixth month old healthy child can kill him or her?  Why are western medical doctors allowed to perform autopsies on these children without others in the know watching over them?  Why?...Because Big Pharma has a lot to lose.  When will serving your children up to them stop?  When will enough be enough?  It has to happen to you before you’ll believe that vaccines and SIDS can be a co-created event, a co-incident?   

It isn’t just SIDS.  It’s Shaken Baby Syndrome, too.  They invented that to hide the possibility that your baby’s brain can bleed because of vaccines.  Guess who goes to jail with that  So when you know you are not a child abuser...(well, is visiting a doctor who will inject poisons into your child while you smile abuse???)...and now you’re stuck in jail and all your other kids have been taken away from you, will you start to look at vaccines then?

How many babies need to die after shots before an authority like the CDC, or the AMA will look at this?  I can tell you.  There is no number.  They’ve had thirty years of numbers.  They will not stop.  Only you can stop them by the decisions you make on behalf of your children.


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