Sunday, July 19, 2015

SB 277: Raw and Uncensored

  SB 277 discriminates against California’s children in two ways. 

First, it only goes after healthy kids without an IEP.  (SB 277: Section 2: 120335 of the Health and Safety Code, following 56026.)  An IEP is an Individual Education Plan that is set up by administrators, teachers, parents, and other district employees that may offer services in smaller class sizes as well as audiologists, psychologists, and adaptive physical education teachers.  Children who are diagnosed with a condition before school age can get an IEP and start school at 3 years of age.  Other children may be referred to the right people to start an IEP once they have started school and found to be struggling with behavior, learning, hearing, speaking, et cetera.  Kids with an IEP may opt out of vaccinations, or pick and choose which vaccinations the parents think is right for their kids, as long as appropriate paperwork is handed in before January 1, 2016.  (At least this is how I interpret this legislation.  For certain, if you want your kids in school until July 1, 2016 when SB 277 goes into effect and for grades other than kindergarten and 7th, you need to have all paperwork in by January 1st, 2016.)

Healthy, present children who behave themselves are not allowed to have an IEP.  They have to wait until they are vaccine injured and when they get an IEP, they may opt out of further vaccines.  Actually, parents can only opt out of the current vaccine schedule of any given time if they have put in the appropriate paperwork now before the law takes effect that they don't want to follow the mandated vaccine schedule.  (Again, this is how I have interpreted the law.)  This means that right now ALL parents of Californian school children should hand in the appropriate exemption form plus have the doctor sign the chart paper where he/she signed it saying that he/she gave you the vaccine talk (to satisfy AB 2109) and hand them into the school.  Now.  Because when your child becomes vaccine injured as they surely will with an unlimited vaccination schedule, you can opt out of further vaccines once they get an IEP.  (Do not sign the official form that they want you to sign that satisfies AB 2109 legislation, because they can use that against you and possibly to take your kids away from you.)  Of course, you could try for the medical exemption by then, but doctors will be very scared to write those, so it's better to think ahead.  Basically, a special education kid can't be denied his or her special education services, but a healthy child can be denied a public education.  Discrimination, but at least one group can get out of being vaccinated.

Second, SB 277 only goes after kindergarteners, seventh graders, and students moving into a new school district.   Though this is a relief to parents of children who are starting in eighth through twelfth grades, it is still discrimination because it only targets some kids.

Why are they getting away with installing this pick and choose legislation when surely if vaccinations are truly needed, it should be mandatory for all?  They know SB 277 is not really needed, they know too many people will rise up if special ed kids are denied services, and people with kids eighth grade to twelfth grade will give up the fight because they believe it no longer effects them and this will decrease the numbers caring about SB 277.  Everyone should care though, because this is not about vaccines.

Some may argue that the only time to make harsh legislation, like SB 277, is when more of the public are dying from a certain disease than are living.  I still wouldn't want vaccines under these extreme  circumstances. I personally feel the ingredients of vaccines make them a game of Russian Roulette and also know that they damage the immune system.  I also know that homeopathy, herbs, and acupuncture as well as eating natural, organic, non-GMOed foods are a far safer bet.   No epidemic is occurring here in California.  No school children are dying off more than those living, therefore, this is not a vaccination issue at all.  It’s an issue of Californian residents not being able to keep their right to decide on medical treatments for their children.

It doesn't matter what any governor says, my child has done well without aborted fetuses, formaldehyde, mercury, mouse protein, polysorbate 80, phenol red, and aluminum injected into her bloodstream.  SB 277 has the open possibility of the number and kinds of vaccines given to increase exponentially.   As the law stands now, if you allow doctors to inject your child with many vaccines on a schedule that they decide is good for all children equally, and your child dies or becomes injured, you can’t even take the manufacturers to court.  (Search for the petition to change this.)  Does it make you nervous that legislation is put in place that both forces kids to get vaccinated and protects the manufacturers of those products?  Why should they bother to make a sound product when they can sell it anyway without any consequences and further, have the government support their sales?

Vaccinations have been called safe.  With more and more deaths occurring after the administration of vaccines, you'd think "safe" wouldn't be the word they'd use.  They already know the truth.  SB 277 will make it very clear to the masses when their children start dying off in droves, but it will be too late, because those same people will have allowed a lot of other vaccine legislation to happen that will be killing the parents off, too.

To read this ridiculous legislation, please click on the link.  (Ridiculous, because how does a baby born in 2020 get paperwork in before January 1, 2016?  This legislation should include a comment that all parents have the right to get paperwork in with the child's enrollment in school whether at 3 or 5 years of age and it doesn't.  Future kids with IEP's may not be able to become exempt due to no paperwork in by 2016.)

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