Thursday, July 2, 2015

Law Welcomes Sick Kids Bans Healthy Kids

Just so we’re clear, if a child has Aids, HIV, Hep B or C, or any other disease, they are allowed to attend school with your child.  If a child has lice, they are allowed to stay at school.  I called the CDC and had this confirmed.  Now, thanks to SB 277, a whole group of healthy kids are being banned from school because they are not vaccinated.  This should increase the percentage of unhealthy kids mixing with your child—and you fear unvaccinated children?  It’s strange, the things that the news can convince you to fear.  It seems to me that humans love to go on witch hunts after anything.  Remember, it was not too long ago that people tried to ban kids with Aids from schools.  As a species, we are pretty pathetic!




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