Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mercurochome: Hg Mercury




1. (Medicine) a green iridescent crystalline compound that forms a red solution in water: used in medicine as an antiseptic. Formula: C20H8Br2HgNa2O6. See also Mercurochrome

[C20: blend of mercuric + dibromofluorescein] (


A friend was asking if we remembered the product, Mercurochrome.  My mom remembered it.  I, of course, was attracted to the word “mercury” that I could see within the word, even if others see “cure.”  People wonder how kids can have autism without vaccines. Well, one reason is that during gestation, a baby is poisoned by 10% of the mother’s mercury toxicity.  The mother may have been poisoned by 10% of her mother’s toxicity from products containing mercury like this one, as well the mother herself using products like this one. 
Something to think about: Scientists have always known how toxic mercury is.  One dentist in the mid-1800's even spoke out against it.  Information is available and yet toxic chemicals continually end up with government approval for your consumption.



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