Sunday, July 26, 2015

Root Canals and Health


As a practitioner, I know that dental health is extremely important to overall health.  If, for example, you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, I’d recommend that you get your teeth checked out by a holistic biological dentist.  It doesn't hurt and it just might help.  If you have a mercury filling, root canal, or other dental work  on any of the teeth that coincide with the stomach meridian which crosses the breast, I would strongly suggest a holistic biological dentist be seen immediately. For those of you without a practitioner who knows which teeth correspond with which organs, the stomach meridian is related to the left upper and lower, first and second molars.  As my crude drawing shows, the stomach meridian descends the body and leg, so breast cancer is only one possibility of a problem that may manifest along this meridian.  Dental work on the teeth may affect you systemically, so it's worth keeping it in mind when you hear yourself saying, "But I tried everything."

Root canal posts can be made of mercury, but no matter the material, a perfect environment for dangerous bacteria to thrive has been established.  Holistic biological dentists may be able to save the tooth that a regular dentist had set for a root canal, so the issue of pathogens or not, may be completely avoided.  If you have had root canals, after you have them removed, have the remains sent to a lab.  If you're experiencing a health issue, you will most likely find at least one kind of strep infection in the results.  This is where the dental associations of the world are remiss.  They don’t test what their dental work creates.  We need to build the record ourselves.  Individually, when we've had our dental work taken out, we need to send it to the lab.  We need to blog about our results.  If you've had root canals removed and sent the remains to the lab, if it shows no bacterial, viral, or fungi activity, then this too is helpful to the on-going learning that has been under way for at least eighteen years.  It would be nice if doctors entered their patients dental history into their charts.  MD's seeing hundreds of patients may start to see a correlation, or a lack of one.

Ponder this.  It's interesting that the public so easily accepts that poisons injected into the bloodstream when called vaccines are safe and can't harm people, yet a tooth that is made dead by a root canal is thought not to be able to harbor and to cause disease.

After the teeth are set right, natural medicine has the opportunity to be truly able to set you on the right track.  Collectively, we offer herbs, oils, homeopathy, acupuncture, sound balancing, chromotherapy, and many other modalities, as well as offering supportive advice on diet and environmental  factors.

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