Thursday, July 22, 2021

Is Your Opponent Afraid of Your Light?

[You say you're going to have the bot & clot shot because you're afraid to go out in public without it. You just can't imagine living your life in fear anymore. Well, I guess I have some shocking news for you. Allowing someone to inject a pharmaceutical in you is not going to address your fear.

Fear is a dense frequency. It's with you because of the miasms with which you were born. It's with you because of your reactions or lack of responses to the traumas you have experienced in this or any other point of focus. It's with you because there's obviously something you don't know about the event with which you have fear.

If you are under the impression that the only way out of that fear is to allow a pharmaceutical to be injected into you, then perhaps it's not fear that's driving you to allow yourself to be injected. Perhaps it's that you are being manipulated into it. Yes, manipulation is someone fearing that you're not going to do what they want you to do. So, take a step back. Are you the one who's afraid or is it your opponent who's afraid of your light?

7/23/21 added [Humans love being victims. AI and the Draco (and Western Medicine's benefiters) and the 1% dElete know that about humans. They use that weakness of humans to their advantage. But I'm into responsibility. I'm into you have the ability to choose your own response. And you need to be able to accept responsibility for that choice. I figured out about Big Pharma and about v*ccines by 1987 and I was young. I didn't have the internet. I only asked questions. I had a critical mind. Of course, I understand that it's like that romantic partner that you suddenly saw got to know. That's what life is all about. That's what finding about false gods is about and Fraudchi and pharmaceuticals are false gods.]

[However, those humans who can now see have risen out of the control of the implant that I feel is in the fourth layer of the Mental body. If there are people who can see now when they couldn't last year, then things are shifting. The more of us who become aware, the more chance of others becoming aware. Which person will be that 100th monkey? If people need to feel angry, fine. Work through it quickly, though. We have a job to do.] 🙂

[They are, however, programmable. We don't need to be in rescue energy and we don't need to be in aggressive energy, but we can just speak our Truth over and over. It may not penetrate through the implant that's in their Mental body, but we just don't know what that might do.
I'm not talking about average humans being a programmer. I am talking about the 1% dElete, AI, Draco & company and their programming that led to people accepting the bot & clot shot. You are a speaker, too. We are both doing the same thing. I was responding to the meme, not to you. Truth; however, IS. A person can feel it. It has a resonance and it is different compared to their implant buzzing with activation. Truth is above what we think of as 3D or as what we think of as life experience. Opinions are different, yes. Fearing ideas put forward by commercialized scientists as if they are scientific "truths" is provably a harder path to follow than ease. For instance, we can ask the fearful for proof of their claim that a natural, wild "covid" vir*s has been isolated and they can't. So, that is proof that commercialized scientists are whipping them into a frenzy. What I meant by my answer is that I do things such as showing them how the "covid" graphic was used in a 2008 video on the faked HIV virus scam, or show the 1%'s scripts. That is simply speaking about a record that they themselves left. People are welcome to their individual opinions. I can still speak. It's not in anger. It's in love. They hear the same ole programs over and over. I simply give, offer another sentence.

Yes, speak Truth lovingly. Pinky-rose has gotten me through. One of us will get to that 100th monkey sooner than we think. Effortless effort. Surrender. No stake in outcome.]

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