Wednesday, July 28, 2021

They Want You in Fear


[It's just a coincidence that all those children who were forced to have the PCR swab (that is not cotton) up their noses every single week and were forced to wear masks in order to attend school are experiencing certain kinds of pneumonia and other lung issues.  Conveniently, commercialized scientists and doctors are informing the parents that it has to do with the covid. So the the ironic thing is that humanity is the experiment (getting weekly swabs up their noses and wearing masks all the time), but it's not proving anything about the masks or the swabs because commercialized scientists are just saying it's because of the covid. So I would call this a failed experiment. Oh wait, it was never their intention to experiment on you. They knew what they were doing to you it had nothing to do with testing to see something. They already knew they could succeed. They planned all along that anything they do with Wi-Fi, EMFs, 5G and the covid could be blamed.

Be careful where you're placing your trust. You're trusting a group that wants you in fear so that they can make things happen how they want.

Racism was never individuals fearing average individuals. It was the 1% orchestrating fear in one group so that they could have that group go against another group. They have done it all through history as you have been taught it. I marvel at how many say that they never would have been prejudiced against a black person or a Jewish person or this person or that person, and yet they find it so easy to hate healthy people because the news told them to. Again if you're watching the news, you were choosing to trust a group that wants you in fear and it isn't for your best interest.

This group has gotten you to fear the air and they've gotten you to fear the healthy people in a society. Before the herd immunity definition was recently changed, what it meant was the group within a group that have experienced certain dis-easement and now they we're standing strong in the community as healthy people. The psyop that was attempted on Humanity back between 1918 to 1920 has finally taken hold and the masses finally fear healthy people. They've got you where they want you if they've got you in fear.

Hold you Center.

Don't give them what they want or they'll take more than you can possibly imagine.

Now, go. Anchor the Light. Hwa!]

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