Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Still Say, "Blah Blah"?

The CDC says PCR gives false positives; it's no good. So their solution is to continue using it until the end of the year. 

If this sets no alarms off for you, no wonder you don't believe us when we tell you no "covid" that's natural and wild and floating around in the air and is contagious exists!

No wonder you don't want to look at the truth about HIV and even rabies. Oh well. 

Do you think perhaps I am correct about an implant in the Mental body? Do you want assistance in rising  above it?

If you want to just simply trust another group other than the 1% dElite, how about never having another PCR process again. It is a psychological operation against you to make you think you've got something hugely deadly when all you've got is a cell that became imbalanced because you did something that made your cell imbalanced, and it's just trying to get back into balance and it made a little virus that's known as an exosome now. It's okay. You've experienced dis-easements before. Don't let them use the PCR to make you think you've got this horrible thing. 

That their narrative makes sense to you is proof that you have an implant and for some reason you're comfortable with that.]

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