Friday, July 23, 2021

The Don't Deny Shot Meme


[Naturally, I have no idea if these stories about the so-called anti-vaxxers who are supposedly dying of covid are real or not. I can tell you several things, though. First of all, if you speak out about the bot & clot shot, there is a good chance that you will be targeted. Secondly even if you have the Flu shot, TDaP, MMR, or have had a blood transfusion, you will be called an anti-vaxxer. We saw this several times with other vaccines, the measles one being the most recent. If you were a person who said that you're not going to get the MMR, you were called an anti vaxxer. A person who is not for vaccines, doesn't have any of them ever.  Not surprisingly, it is irresponsible of the news to go labeling things without giving it a definition. Do they mean anti-vaxxer as in person who has not had the c shot? Therefore, could this so-called anti-vaxxer have died of the Flu shot?

Lastly, and most importantly, no natural wild covid has ever been isolated, so it is impossible for them to say that this mythical creature could kill anybody.

Now, are they going to admit that their 5G (that they can turn on and off at will) is really the covid? Are they going to admit that they have made engineered weapons that they have put in the Flu shot and in the bots and clot shot?

These people who are supposedly dying of the covid who are supposedly anti-vaxxers, have they been living with people who had engineered viruses transmiting from them?

Yes, your terrain decides about dis-easement or not. Let's be real though. Any government has technology that far exceeds anything you and I even understand. So, how true are these stories that they keep putting in the news? Especially notice the number 33 again. One guy supposedly was 33 when he died and yet that keeps being the number that they're using all through the covid.

And since I touched on 5G. Waves, frequencies, EMFs are floating around in the air and are adversely affecting your health. Are you willing to put down your phone for your health? No? You want to run out and get a pharmaceutical but you don't want to get rid of your phone? Okay...]

It seems "anti-vaxxer" means the person is against the shot written about in the article, as if they could not be harmed or killed by the shot they had.  The saddest thing about the message of these titles is that your controllers want you to believe that if you have a pharmaceutical, you will be fine.  You do not need to give any thought to health.  It is yours.  Just do not refuse it.  They are either not understanding oathogens, or purposely not informing you about them.  Anti-Vaxx in titles:

C*vid, 34

Cov*d, 33

Co*id, 70

C*vid, no age given

C*vid, 54

Cov*d, 34

C*vid, 50s

Cov*d, 23

Unvaccinated not defined. Covid.




It can't be that they spin PCR to make "cases"


Flu, 4

Measles, countless (Notice the graphic of the fake virus that also has never been isolated)



Pertussis Where's the proof about passing things to baby?

Pertussis, measles and more

Pertussis, # in title 70






Tetanus (When you are given the tetanus shot, you are not given informed consent.  You are not told you are getting pertussis and diphtheria, too.)

33 Uploaded Sept 22, 2020

33 Yunnan, china,never says of what July, 17, 2021




33 El paso, May 22, 2021

33 Boston, June 13, 2021

33 Hawaii, June 7, 2021

33 Vancouver, July 13, 2021

33 Wisconsin, July 6, 2021

33 Oregon, June 2, 2020

33 Humbolt, Dec 31, 2020

33 San Angelo, TX, Aug 1, 2020

33 Craighead County, Arkansas July 22, 2020

33 Ontario, Aug 2020

33 Aroostook, Maine, Dec 16, 2020

33. A 33 yr old when no natural virus was ever isolated.  PS. A 1922 bk by Hume discussed how they tried to get the idea accepted of asymptomatic carriers but they hadn't invented that term, yet.

Interlakin-33 Dec 1, 2020

33% March 26, 2020

33% March 2020

33% Aug 7, 2020

33% Feb 19, 2021

33% April 7, 2021

33% April 2021

33% June 2020

33% June 2020

33% Sept 2020

33% Jan 2021

33% Jan 2021

33% Jan 2021

33% March 2021

33% May 25, 2021

33% May 2021

"AstraZeneca's or Pfizer's vaccine reduced a person’s risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms caused by the Delta variant by 33%." June 22, 2021

33% June 6, 2021

33% May 2, 2021

33% May 5, 2021

33% "(onsite sales of food and beverage to the public comprise at least 33% of gross receipts) ... Cross-program eligibility on SBA COVID-19 relief options ..."

33% June 2021

33% June 2021

33 states May 1, 2021

33% June 24, 2021

33% June 2021

33% July 2021

33% July 2021

3.3% July 2021

3.3 July 2020 "cases topped 3.3 million"

3.3 Aug 2020

3.3 March 2021

3.3 May 2021

3.3 May 2021

3.3 July 2021

Used to say Refuse and reject instead of name-calling

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