Sunday, July 11, 2021

Virtual Acupuncture Treatments


I have treated people when they are in another area in the States of the Union or a different country compared to me.  This is called distance healing and it has everything to do with energy and nothing to do with a “virtual acupuncture treatment,” which apparently became a thing during the Covid Era 2020.  I must really be out of it.  This is a new thing to me!  In the July 2021 issue of Acupuncture Today, advice is given to acupuncturists on how to grow a virtual practice, which means treatments over the computer without the two humans being in contact with one another.  I am appalled.  This is not something to “grow.”  It might be helpful in some instances here and there; however, it should not replace an in-person treatment.  How about growing a wellness practice—a light-bearer acupuncture practice?

Yes, have your EMF-poisoned patient sitting at a computer.  That sounds like great advice.  I make that leap, that all patients are EMF-poisoned, because most of our clients are inundated with Wi-Fi 24/7, have a SMART meter on a wall of their homes, have multiple cell phones and possibly other SMART devices about.  Most people work or play on a computer or their phones at least part of the day, or both.  Now, we expect them to see us through a screen offering them directions on what to do.  Yikes!  No more human to human contact for you, deary.  We cannot disappoint AI!  AI has programmed us to believe in anti-human sentiments, after all.  Can’t let all that good 2020-2021 propaganda go to waste.

My rule since March 2020, when the Wag the Dog 2020 Psy-op was openly enacted, has been that if a practitioner believes the covid lie and supports AI in any dehumanizing manner, then that practitioner is no longer my practitioner.  I desire human uplifters who need a virus to have been isolated and proof from independent scientists about the safety, necessity, and efficacy of mask-wearing, temperature-taking, distancing, excess handwashing, etc before asking it of me.  If a automaton did as he or she was told without questioning their job’s authority, then it was good-bye to you Big Pharma/AI supporter, destroyer of humanity.

So back to this article.  In the opening paragraph it suggests right now, we practitioners need to think about which “changes may be worth keeping permanently.”  Permanently?!!!?  I cannot think of one Covid Era action that compliant-humans obediently enacted that was worth doing in the first place, yet alone keeping as a permanent habit.  Geesh!

Katie Pedrick, an acupuncturist with a master’s in biotechnology, of course, sees virtual acupuncture treatments as supplementing treatments.  No.  Supplementing treatments is when a patient consciously changes their diet away from GMOs, pesticides, junk foods and incorporates more greens, juicing, and fasting.  Supplementing treatments is when patients learn and do Qi Gong and exercise on a regular basis.  Supplementing treatments is when a patient speaks with conscious intention when prior, spoke in haste.  Supplementing treatments is when screen-time has been limited and barefoot walking on soil, grass, etc has become a habit.  Supplementing treatments is when a person got off Big Pharma meds slowly and found color (chromotherapy), homeopathy, German Auricular Medicine, Acutonics®, Esoteric Acupuncture, essential oils, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, and other modes of assistance instead.  Supplementing treatments is intaking adequate water timed perfectly for health, as well as taking a small amount of Celtic salt sometimes with the water.  Supplementing treatments is making certain the water is filtered and of high quality.  You get the picture. 

Pedrick writes that in-person acupuncture sessions are what makes them powerful and then she adds a “but.”  How can anyone add a but?  If you add a but, are you not erasing what you just said?  She added, “But online treatments may be here to stay.”  Things are only here to stay if you give them permission and energy to stay.  Might I add that something you never gave power to can’t stay if it never was.  Why did acupuncturists allow online treatments to even happen?  Why did patients stand for it?  Were patients made wrong for relaxing and doing nothing?  Were they guilted into going online?  Is an online practitioner a good practitioner?

If you or your practitioner are too afraid to see each other in person, then there is something that the fearful one does not know.  Contagions were invented by the promoters and benefiters of Big Pharma.  They could not have brought the world to their knees if more people realized the lie of Germ Theory.  That aside, if you were a practitioner, wouldn’t you prefer to see people online?  I have no idea how much they charge in comparison to in-person treatments, but they could book more people per day and have no laundry to do, no tables or anything to clean, and no waste, such as a Sharps container to dispose of.  Expenses just went way down.  Perhaps now, they can “claim” their internet bill.  And the acupuncturist can be anywhere in the world.  What a luxury.  No more work interfering with my life.  (Kind of makes you think of that obstetrician who doesn’t want your labor to interfere with his golf game so organizes a c-section for your baby for the 23rd.)  It’s not impersonal.  It’s just good business.  Should your healthcare be “good business?” Hmm.  

This article is suggesting that it actually empowers the patient because rather than lying back and relaxing—God forbid!!!—it makes the patient proactive in their healing.  Look.  Anyone can get a book or a DVD and learn to do some things on themselves by themselves.  That’s nice.  Meditative, perhaps.  But if you are paying an acupuncturist for a treatment, then you deserve to experience that.  My energy passes along the needle into you.  It is my responsibility to be as clean and clear as I can be.  It is my responsibility to monitor your energy during the treatment in case something comes up and needs more of an active attention paid to it.  You speaking with a human on a computer or phone is not humans interacting with each other.  It is a distance protocol put in place to make you less human.  AI benefits.  But I will wager humans don’t.  As I mention in my Interdimensional Disturbances book, two humans together are also swapping microbiome.  Our beneficial bacteria needs to swap genetic material for survival.  If we are apart.  We are suppressing that and; therefore, our health.  Neither party is benefiting with a virtual anything.

Virtual treatments are a con-job to get humans to stop being human with each other. Go ahead.  Pay for this BS if you want.  Even if I have to completely leave society’s boundaries in order to remain human, I will not comply with this “new norm.”  AI, you may take your Virtual Acupuncture Treatments and delete them!


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