Monday, July 26, 2021

My Thoughts on Ike's Speech at the London Rally July 24th


[Today I am writing in response to the David Icke speech at the London Rally July 24.

Back in my youth, I used to go to protests all the time. Now that I'm older, I just simply keep doing what it is that I want to do and just don't follow any of the BS. For instance, I shop without a mask in LA county.

I am very familiar with David Icke, and I always listen or read very carefully if he is the one who is trying to bring an idea to me. My experience of him is that he will always have at least 80% truth, possibly even 99.5% truth. But I always listen to see what it is he is truly saying.

At the 12-minute mark, he's doing a lot of name-calling, which I really don't like, but I understand. In the atmosphere of a protest, the speaker wants to get the crowd riled up as much as the crowd wants to be riled up.

At about 12:32 he says, "Demons saw they could be conquered."  I personally don't know any demon or reptile that would admit that they could be conquered, and they're far too arrogant to even contemplate that thought. There is a certain stirring happening because they can feel the light that's being grounded and it makes them a little nervous (if that can be even said) because they can kind of sense they're losing a bit of a grip on this...experience here.

Close to the 13 minute mark, he doesn't define "it." But it seems to me that he is informing you that you are the only one that can bring yourself down. You see, truly, humanity is the only group that can bring itself down. "They are the ones who can do it." And then he switches to all these people who are supposedly our oppressors or something saying that they're not going to do it and it seems to me he pulled a sleight-of-hand with what "it" is. It seems to me that now he's getting the people to think those oppressors of yours are not going to be the ones to help you out of it. Listen for yourself and see what you think.  "Who else is going to do it?" (bring us down). "It leaves us.  We are going to do it."

He says that demons know it and they will provoke an onslaught on us because basically we gave the Power away. You see?  Because we, humanity, gave Power away and lost our Center, the "demons" are going to invoke an onslaught (of unnamed character) on those "awakening" within the next three years. Human life is changed when we "demonize" ourselves by losing our Center.  Don't stiffen your backbone; allow energy to flow. As I say in my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, the demons and those in legislation I write about have souls.  They are uncomfortable when we tap into the Love at their core.  If they could get through their programming, they'd get through the fear to that Love themselves.  We do not need to see ourselves as better than...even in comparison to demons and nasty legislators. When we do, we lose our Center. Pinky-rose is the only way to so-call "bring an end" to demons and such. (And "special" can also mean "handicapped" or "Disabled," just sayin'.)

A long time ago, I mentioned how the Justice League replaced the Super Friends of 1977. It seems to me that protesting is making us like the Justice League which are people who have lost their power and sense of community because they lost their Center. In the Super Friends, they kept their Center. So contemplate these kinds of things as you listen to David.

I am amused that last year, I posted "Walk On" on Facebook as a cheer to humanity, and that song was played today. LOL

And I only hope when he said, "Our light will go historry," that he wasn't informing you that our light will go down as a secret chide at humanity.]

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