Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The C Shot Seeks FDA Approval


Satanists fully intend to have the c shot being granted approval by their cronies.  It is up to us to make certain they know energetically that we consciously do not give our permission.  The truth that deaths saw no worldwide spike last year (despite the Satanist’s efforts) and will see an increase for 2021 thanks to the c shot’s use, the FDA will grant approval if we do not energetically stop them. To demonstrate the jeopardy in which we stand, let’s recapture what happened with aspartame, the “molecular holocaust.”*

Not too long ago, commissioners of the FDA had their “authority suspended” in order to bring hopefuls in who would do as they were told in order to ensure the “legal” use of aspartame in the US.  Despite evidence of harm, a commercial scientist named Dr. Hall Hayes allowed aspartame into dry foods and soda pop.*  Commercialized scientists always do as they are told in order to have a payoff, such as a better job.  Read Icke’s book, Alice in Wonderland, and research for yourself to see how the 1 % dElete manipulate in order to allow harmful products and legislation into the Satanic-controlled US.  Once you understand, now switch to a Pinky-rose focus as mentioned in my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied.

The Covid Era has seen scripts written by Satanists played out, bringing profit in many forms to those same Satanists.  The 1% dElete who spoke to the masses all through-out the so-called pandemic of 2020 profited by the pretend “virus” and rules they imposed.  A conflict of interest should eliminate them from being authorities in power, but it never does.  Pinky-rose is the answer.

They will make certain the FDA approves this bioweapon so they can feel they have a right to inject more Genetic humans who do not want it.  They made up the narrative on what a so-called natural virus is, they developed what are called engineered viruses, and they made up the answers—the c shot and vaccines—so they can introduce the imposter ray (and male and female genetic material/implants) into the masses.  Seems like a perfect little plan, but you are of Source.  Remember that and their silly words on paper mean nothing.  You can vote out loud, “I vote no to the c shot bioweapon.”  You can connect with the Pinky-rose within yourself to the Pinky-rose within individual Satanists, holding in consciousness that your experience of them is only this: Love.

Now is the time to choose: successive human or living man, light-bearer human.  You are powerful.  Are you going to bow-down to AI and Satanists, or stand tall?  Pinky-rose is within you should you choose to identify with it and change their intended outcome when they seek FDA approval for their c shot.



*On page 133 Carol Guilford mentioned “molecular holocaust” and Icke mentioned “authority suspended” in Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster by David Icke.

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